Bridgewater College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I think the best thing about my school was the relationships I gained with the professors. Since it was a small college, I wasn't treated like a number, I treated like a student; they knew me by name.


The close proximity of all the campus buildings create a homey sense of community. The professors are not only friendly to their own students, but others they pass on campus which results in even more closeness among those faculty, staff, and students at Bridgewater College.


I love how small the school is. Classes have a great atmosphere; both professors and students engage in discussion. The professors are great and since classes are so small, one-on-one attention is always available, but only if you want it.


Our school is very small, about the same size as my high school, it allows for close personal interactions, small class sizes and teacher are always available, also when out and about you know everyone and they all say hello to you.


If one is interested in a small community school Bridgewater College is perfect! The best thing about this school is definitely the people. The wonderful community both in and around campus provides wonderful interaction. Everyone in Bridgewater (as far as I've encountered) are friendly, they always come on campus for football games, concerts, and so much more. For the most part everyone on campus is friendly once you talk to them. Stuff is always happening around campus to give you opportunities for socializing and hanging out. This probably sounds like an orientation packet but I guess that proves it!


It lets people be themself. We're able to explore freedom and learn outside of the box. It is a small school and everyone helps everyone out. I love how the professors help with the work and understand the work load. They also have times where students are able to go and talk with them about projects or papers they don't understand what to do.


Bridgewater prides itself on the community it has created; it is open and friendly. People will almost always acknowledge another student when they pass them on the way to class or to eat in the cafeteria. A "College of character and a community of excellence"...that is what Bridgewater's motto is and they very well stick to it. From the first people a student talks to on campus to the last professors they'll have, they all exemplify this community and make anyone feel welcomed.


I consider Bridgewater College to be a small loving and caring private school where independant students and faculty look out for each other to help us students reach our goals to become the best leaders we can be in our future careers.


With it being a smaller college you get to know each other and the classroom are smaller and teacher can give you more attention


The size is the best thing about Bridgewater because it is easy to interact with professors and students. The average ratio of teachers to students is 1:14... the biggest class I had was 30 students. I find it easier to pay attention and concentrate when there are less people around and the professors learn each students name so it becomes personal and you can build relationships easily.