Bridgewater State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A person who is active in their academics as well in activities in and outside of school. The school is a majority commuter one but when you are involved you are apart of a great community of people that see a vision and carry it out. I say a person who is involved in multi groups beyond the sororities and frats but social groups of ethnically, racially and " other" clubs and organizations that open the mind of yourself and others.


Any person can attend this school, but mostly people who are looking to be a part of the education field should go to this school as well.


In my opinion students who should Bridgewater should be the ones who want to stay close to home. The kids who like to go home every weekend to visit their parents. Also a student who love the small town atmosphere. And doesn't want the big city lights every day.


This school is open to anyone and not bias toward any group.


Any person should attend this school. It is very diverse, accepting, and personable. Every walk of life can have no fear of not being accepted and freedom to live their life exactly the way they want to. Every student should look into this University


A person how likes a tightly knit comunity and some that doen't have to be in the fast life.


BSU is very well known for its education and business departments in both graduate and undergraduate levels.


Any type of person could attend this school, I feel like I'm at the age now where a person's "type" doesn't have that much of an effect on whether or not I would form a friendship with them. You can find good in everyone you meet, so I really think most people would enjoy attending this school.


people who like to stay in their own little group


Honestly, anyone can attend. They are very welcoming to anyone. I see little to no judgement of people, and everyone seems to be accepting and friendly. It's a really good school to go to!


Someone who wants to work hard and also someone who wants to have fun. It helps if you want to be involved on campus between sports, student government, or the countless student-run organizations.


Someone who likes small, close-knit classrooms and who would enjoy meeting new people from outside the United States. Someone who is dedicated to their schooling, but would enjoy the full college experience as well.


If you are the kind of person who wants a campus feel, with excellent education, and a great comunity, then you should consider this school.


A person who loves the idea of a big community and the opportunity to make life long friends should attend Bridgewater State College. BSC is all about making the most of your education and living experiences that will last a lifetime. Community service is a large part of the college community at BSC. From the first words spoken at orientation, you will know that Bridgewater is about helping the community and building a great future for yourself. People who care more about their education and their future and less about partying and drinking should attend Bridgewater State College.


You should attend this school if you plan on majorinng in education(very good education department), the art program is big too.


Someone who wants a normal, high-school felt ennvironment.


The school has a great communication and education course, which is what i am going to school for. Anyone going for that should come here. The comm professors are awesome!


A person who wants a four year college education but maybe didn't do so well in high school but would like another chance. Also anyone who wants to be an elementary teacher.