Bryant & Stratton College-Hampton Top Questions

What should every freshman at Bryant & Stratton College-Hampton know before they start?


This is something I always think about.. If I could go back to my high school year I would tell myself to slow down!! Embrace education work less hours and try to enjoy your final year with your friends and try to enjoy being a Senior. In 2006-2007 when I was a senior I had so much stress on me with peer pressure, bullying and then family issues I had no time to breathe and embrace being a young adult/senior. I was so focused on ways not to struggle I forgot to live in the moment. I would tell myself to take those extra classes. Listen to the adults when they preach about how important credit is and maintaining it throughout life. I would visit my college counselor more so that I could find ways to attend college and get those scholarships without being in such large amount of debt. I would also listen and know that education is KEY to make positive CHANGE, which is all I ever wanted to do.