Bryn Mawr College Top Questions

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Traditions! There are four per year, specificially designed to bring the entire campus together to celebrate each class and the camaraderie between all of us. Each one is a unique task that involved the whole school, and at the end, we all spend time together to celebrate our friendships!


This is a small, tightknit campus, of only women. But there are lots of school like that. What makes BMC unique, is that every woman has something to offer, and BMC teaches us how to show the world what we can do. We are encouraged to be crazy, to be studious, to be passionate, to be silly, to be aware. When women graduate from bryn mawr, they leave with the drive to make change in the world. Life isn't all about money, status, material things, but the legacy we leave behind. No one ever forgets a Bryn Mawr woman :)


The sense of campus-wide camaraderie is truly rare. Also, the emphasis on 'bread and roses': the students here love beauty and wisdom and justice. They are interested in social rights, and art, and economics...they are interested in everything. The tolerance is also special. It is equally acceptable to spend your saturday night in the library (for fun!) or go our clubbing on a tuesday night...and both can be equally fun and busy!


I remember reading an alum review when I was trying to decide where to go to school, and it said that Bryn Mawr would push you to your limits, challenge and change you. I now understand what they meant, and I mean that I've been pushed to the edge academically, idealogically, socially- but I'm so happy that I came here because I've changed for the better.


traditions, accessibility of staff and professors


Take advantage of the resources you have being on a college campus and in an educational environment. Libraries, guest speakers, discounted events, drinking and not having to drive anywhere, living next door to your friends, having classes with 12 or fewer people...


You have to be a very tough woman if you come here and you must know that Bryn Mawr is not an easy school, academically or socially. Don't come here expecting to party a lot and meet a lot of guys, that is just not going to happen. If you come here you must be really sure you want an all women environment.


My favorite place on cmapus: The cloisters. Very pretty, very relaxing. The entire complex of Thomas Great Hall, Carpenter Library, Quita Wood Ward Room, London Room and everything else is a great place to study or just hang out. Goodhart is very nice as well. Now I'm beginning to miss the place...


The atmosphere of the school tends to coddle people; I do not feel that I've met many people who are really growing up here (In other words, I know a lot of girls, but not many women). I've found a small group of very interesting, wonderful people, and the academics are, by and large, excellent; these are the only things that have kept me from transferring. This seems to be a common sentiment here, actually, despite the reports I keep hearing of people professing their overwhelming adoration for the school.


The intensity of the curriculum and the students and profs themselves is not for everyone, but I love it.


Um...I don't think that I can type anymore.


If I got the chance to go back and choose a college again, I might stall a little (the academics is VERY VERY intense!), but for sure choose Bryn Mawr again.


Don't black a women's college off your list because there are no boys.


I don't think I left anything out. Just to sum up, I would say Bryn Mawr is not a party school. Everyone I know is there to learn, but that doesn't mean we don't have fun.


I love going to Bryn Mawr!


BMC can be a difficult school to adapt to freshman year, but by the end you feel like you have really accomplished something and you feel like you've found your place.


Bryn Mawr is a great school, though not without its problems. But all schools have their problems. The campus is gorgeous and most of the dorms look like castles. Food and housing are awesome, so you will be well fed and singles are plentiful.


The Honor Code. We have an Honor Code, it governs our social and academic life. it is part of our student government, and is basically a constitution that helps us get along with each other and professors espeically when conflicts arrise.


The food here is horrible and very repetitive. I have visited schools like Virginia Tech and Bryn Mawr really needs to take a look at what they are serving their kids compared to other school. Virginia Tech had amazing food and made me wonder why a school like Bryn Mawr can't serve similar food on a smaller scale.


We like to get involved with things. Pretty much anything.


Bryn Mawr really is an incredible place. The friends I have made here are people that I will be friends with for the rest of my life, and even the girls I'm not friends with are family. Bryn Mawr has become just as much of a home to me as my house and community back in Georgia. I have never felt so completely welcomed into a community before. People - students, professors, deans, health center workers, custodians, EVERYONE - genuinely care about you. I have had some difficulty in my personal life (all my own issues unrelated to the college), and everyone has been so helpful and supportive and accommodating. They take such good care of you, while helping you learn how to take care of yourself. Like I said, Bryn Mawr wasn't my first choice, and I essentially came because of the money they gave me, but I don't regret a thing. Given the chance, I would make the exact same choice a million times over. I honestly can't imagine myself anywhere else.


Our dorms are beautiful, our food is great. Yummy ^_^


Bryn Mawr is not your typical college. It's so much better.


Self-scheduled, self-proctered exams are wonderful, made possible by our social and academic Honor Code.


You know you want to come. :P The Dorms are VERY nice. People say our dorms look like castles from the outside, and they feel like it from the inside. The rooms tend to be spacious, and the laundry is FREE. Do you know how much money that's saved me, not having to pay for laundry? Bryn Mawr also hosts a great sense of community. The campus is gorgeous. We have a building that people claim appears to have come straight out of Harry Potter. We have a three-college consortium with Haverford College (our former Brother school), and Swathmore College. We also have ties with UPenn under the "Quaker Consortium". Under duress and unique circumstances, a student can even take a class at Villanova University. We have a patron goddess (Athena). You can't tell me that isn't cool.


You either love Bryn Mawr or you hate it. There is no in between. Just really make an informed decision before you come here. Visit, get a tour, an interview, stay with a student, go to a party, whatever. Just really make sure its what you want in a college. Beware, its not fun and a ton of work! Don't get enticed by the name or whatever...making a good fit is the most important...and let me tell you it can be weird here.


Bryn Mawr is a remarkably special place but it isn't for everyone. If you want hardcore parties in your dorm every night and to be drunk all of the time, this isn't the place for you. If you want to be challenged, grow as a student and a person, be exposed to new people and become more outgoing and adventurous during your college career AND have the drive to make it happen in a school that doesn't put everything on the table for you, then I'd recommend Bryn Mawr.


If I have a daughter, I would seriously recommend Bryn Mawr to her. There is something about this school that gets inside of you. I spent many nights at Haverford, Swarthmore, and the University of Pennsylvania. Bryn Mawr is what you make it. Of course, if my daughter told me she wanted to take a year off because she was too stressed at school, I wouldn't bat an eye. There is a balance that sometimes gets lost in the shuffle here. Sometimes we try to do too much. But I wouldn't have it any other way.