Bryn Mawr College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I had done extensive research on Bryn Mawr College prior to attending it and I was not surprised or caught off-guard by anything when first attending Bryn Mawr.


It is an incredibly valuable education. This school has a very strong community that is very committed. I wish I had known how friendly and welcoming of everyone it is. The professors are also very committed, knowledgable, and interested in the students' personal academic progress and growth.


I wish someone had told me to relax more, to experiment and allow myself to explore. I tried a lot of different clubs, but I was pretty rigid academically, taking only creative writing courses. Now that I'm a senior I wish I had taken a history or a studio art course, just to try it (although I love my major.)


I felt fully prepared when I came to this school.


I wish I had known to take advantage of the career center and take some praxis (intership+class) classes. I didn't think it was that important, but I wonder if that may have been helpful.


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I don't think there was anything I needed to know that I didn't.


That the workload was this heavy! I also wish I had known about all the resources available to me, in terms of internshipsetc.

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