Bryn Mawr College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend Bryn Mawr College?


I think the kind of person that should attend this school, is a person that believes in being active, both on campus and off. Bryn Mawr offers so many praxis programs that, in this day and age, one can agree are the best way to put the knowledege one learns at such a prestigious school, to work. Bryn Mawr needs people that want to get out there and use thier education to better the world through much more effecient ways.


Person who studies hard, wants to attend a good graduate school, and does not really care about social life.


those who feel less than confident with respect to academics will thrive in an environment totally unfocused on anything but intellectual ability, but is a substantially active social experience cannot be replaced with a few close friends and freedom to act as you please, this environment will be unbalanced


You have to be able to work really hard and be really focused. You have to make your own social life (especially if you like to party) because you have to go off-campus for that.


I would suggest visiting. It is a very specific environment that is great for some people, but horrible for others. All my friends say they were sure they wanted to go to co-ed schools, but knew they wanted to go to Bryn Mawr after visiting. People who want to party a lot should know that there are very few parties on campus and should be prepared to travel to other area colleges for parties.


Someone who appreciates hard work, even when it's not assigned, someone who wants to teach their peers and be instructed by them, someone who is dedicated to what they believe in but willing to hear another point of view, and finally someone who won't be bothered by the fact that there are very few dating opportunities if said person is straight.