Buena Vista University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I would consider the small class room size the best thing about Buena Vista University. This allows students to learn better. They are able to have one on one conversations with the professors. The small class sizes allows the professors to get and know the students. Everyone at the campus knows each other. The students can get help from the professors anytime that they may need it. With large universities a student may not get the one on one, like at Buena Vista University.


It has a lot of student organizations and activities to be involved in. There is almost never a day that goes by without something to do.


The best thing about Buena Vista Univerity is that the campus is very friendly, so a student makes friends easily in the students major along with making friends from other majors as well. I have made many new friends whom share the same major as I do which allows me to collaborate with on projects but also friends whom have a different major that I get along with extreamly well.


The best thing about my school is the fact that there are so many oppurtunities even though it is a small university in a small town. Also for a small university we have a very diverse group of students. The extra-curricular activities and clubs that are available here cover many different interests and ideas.This is important to have because stuudents won't feel welcomed at any school if they can't participate in activites that aren't oriented around school. I love playing soccer at Buena Vista University and watching other sports here.


To me the best thing about Buena Vista University is the campus environement. It is extremely friendly and feels like home. This is done through students' attitudes, professors willingness to help, and the layout and look of the campus. Feeling at home on campus is essential and without it, I would have left Buena Vista and found a place where I feel accepted. I enjoy being a name rather than a number.