California College of the Arts Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


California College of the Arts is far too expensive. The cost of tuition may scare away true artistic souls. It certainly scared me away initially.


Everything about California College of the Arts is open, honest and passionate. I can't come up with a "worst" thing about my school, the answer would have to be something petty, like, when there are special events, the lecture halls can only seat so many.


the worst thing about cca, would probably be the students who are self centered and cut throat, no matter their particular talent.


The accounts department can be very discouraging . There is a political undertone that doesn't feel supportive to the success of a student.


I, as well as others, have trouble getting classes they want and need for their schedules. There are always holds on our accounts for some reason. for me, the hold is usually caused by may delayed payments for my tuition. I struggle to pay for my expensive tuition and wish our school provided more help with financial aid