California College of the Arts Top Questions

Where is the best place to get work done on campus?


I find that the best place to get work done on the Oakland campus is on Macky Lawn, or at the library. They're both really quiet and good places to focus and concentrate and get stuff done. I prefer Macky lawn, cos' I like sitting in the grass and all the "green" around me feels really inspiring. On the San Francisco campus, the best places to get work done are either in one of the "N" classrooms in the Nave if they're not occupied, or in the lounge (living area) or library. I find that if the N classrooms aren't occupied, they're a great place to get work done because you can spread out all your stuff and really step back and look at your work.The other great place that I always like to work at is at the Graphic Design Studio workspace. It's a really great place to work where all the Graphic Design students generally work outside of class time. Since there are Graphic Design students from all levels working there, it's always a good place to get feedback from the upperclassmen, or talk about projects and receive peer feedback. I think it's nice to work alone, but it's also nice to work among people, because it's a lot less stressful, when there are many people doing the same thing and going through the same thing with you. Also, its nice to work with people because you can get tons of feedback and critique. Generally, upper class-men have normally done the same projects that you're currently doing or they have experience with similar things, and it's always good, because they have experienced it, their feedback is really valuable and helpful, and more often than not strengthens your work!