California State University-Bakersfield Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The knowledge of the teachers and their willingness to go the extra mile for students.


Nothing at all. I brag about how happy I get to leave that school, and city in general.


I brag the most about how much this community supports the academic and athletic side of things. The teams give back so much to the community and they give back with their support! I could brag all day about how great the surrounding community is when it comes to CSUB.


I brag about how open my school is to different religions, learning disabilities, and different cultures. They don't judge anybody becuase of skin color.


I tell my friends that Cal State Bakersfield is a great school to try to achieve your degree for several reasons. One of the best things I like about CSUB compared to the other schools in town is that it's based on a quarter system. Yes, there is alot of information to take in with in the 10-11 week session, however the classes do not drag on. It forces you to come to school everyday because if you don't, you miss alot of information. It also forces you to learn the material you're learning.


There is really nothing to brag about this school.


That I was able to play at a DI university and that my education is paid for thru a scholarship


The aordable price and conveniant location.


I tell my friends that a lot of famous and smart people who are running our country went to this university.