California State University-Chico Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Despite it's reutation, Chico State is an incredible school. The teachers are eager to help and the students are always willing to lend a hand. The whole town is school oriented, whether we're coming together to support clubs or other organizations on campus, or student life is pulling together to support our local Saturday famers markets, theres always something new and exciting to get involved in.


The toilet paper is nice.


The thing i brag most about is the invovlement that the university has in its community. We are a very close knit community within the university students but also we always invite the community to be participants in our school and to show that these students are serious about their education.


I brag about how beautiful our campus is. I let them know that it may be small, but you are able to make great friends that way. Chico itself is a college town with a lot of great people. The teachers that i also have are nice, and the work load is never overbearing.


Chico State has so many amazing qualities. The campus is gorgeous. There are creeks running through campus, and many grassy knolls to relax in. The faculty and staff are extremely helpful and there are so many resources available for students to use.


The campus is absolutely beautiful, and most of the people there are very kind and friendly. Almost everything is walking distance from the apartments.


I love Chico's campus and the close park. There are so many trees, and a river runs through campus. We have a brand new gym that is so big and amazing! I spend most of my time on the ellipticals, and taking the free exercise classes they offer such as zumba and yoga. I hope to take advantage of the new 6 lane heated outdoor pool and spa. My rent is cheap, and I enjoy living in an adorable home, with my own room for $333 a month with three of my friends that I made my freshman year.


There is always a party going on, so if you need to study for school and miss a party it's okay because there will be another one the next night. The school is not extremely competative so you don't feel on the brink of death all the time. We are one of the greenest campuses and have one of the best volunteer placement programs. When you graduate from Chico, you are ready to work and a lot of companies want that.


I brag to my friends by telling them what a fun town Chico is to live in and how all the people there are really nice. I also brag about the cute downtown shopping area and how all the houses surrounding the campus are filled with college students. This really is College town, and I love it!!




A nice small town with a great social life. The town is to navigate and is a really fun place to go to school.


The social life and the amount of education I am recieving while preparing for my future.


How absolutely beautiful the campus is! I love it! I love the grean landscape and how the creek runs right through campus and the footbridges. I love the changing fall colors on all the trees, and the old fashioned brick buildings. I also like how it captures the essence of the town with the Bidwell Mansion in the middle of campus. Chico state captures the town of Chico in a beautiful way.


Great enviroment, with wonderful professors.


I am doing well. I am getting myself to class. I am meeting really cool people and I am getting an education. How can any of that not be good?


Small classes, good professors, fun school, nice campus.


I brag about the Greek system on campus.


Chico State is definitely known as a party school, so of course I have to brag about the great social attributes. I tell my friends all about the friendliness of people, and how easy it is to find a great party. I am also sure to tell them about all the great recreational activities. Chico really has a lot to offer whether you want to volunteer with a non-profit, or go tubing down the mighty Sacramento river. The list goes on but those are the things I brag most about.


The campus is very beautiful, just being on campus make you feel peaceful and relaxed.