California State University-Chico Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell my high school self to not be so worried about college life and adjusting to a new living space. The dorms give new students an easy transition phase. I would aslo tell myself that utulizing your time will be very beneficial to how well you do in classes. I also would say to go to every lecture even if the professor doesn't take roll. Proffesors hold office hours that can help with questions and getting to know your professor is a big advantage.


Knowing what I now know if I could go back and give myself advise I would mention to never procrasinate, always turn your work in on-time, and to get out of your comfort zone; meet people and not to be shy because everyone is friendly and no one will judge you. Just be prepared in general.


Going back to my high school self as a senior in high school, there are many things I would want to say. First off, it's okay to be nervous. Everyone else is starting a new chapter of their life so you're not alone, so be nervous, just don't let the nerves get to your head! Second, GO TO CLASS! What's the point of going to college if you're not going to class? Trust me, it's the only way to pass your classes. Also, go to your professors office hours! All professors love when you get to know them on a more personal level and they're always there to help you with any questions you have. Third, don't be afraid to meet new people. I know you want your best friends to stay by your side forever but don't forget about the new opportunities that may come from putting yourself out there and meeting all kinds of new people! Finally, have a good time! Know your balance between studying and fun and college will be the best years of your life.


Dear High School Senior Me, Please do not sell yourself short and think that you are not "good" enough to get into college. Please apply to schools and do not let anyone come in the way of your dreams. You are intelligent and strong and will make such an impact as a High School teacher. College is an amazing experience so please do not procrastinate in going- don't put your future off. This is your destiny!


What are you doing there just laying down looking at pointless tweets or pictures of people that you will never see again? You literally wasting your time. Get up right now and go apply for scholarships! Money is going to be a great issue in a year because you are going to be responsible for yourself. Do you even know how to make food? Start learning recipes of how to cook because you are going to start hating the taste of cup of noodles everyday because you dont know how to make food. Instead of reading those facebook posts you should pick up a book because you are going to be required to read almost everyday. Go return those 200$ shoes because instead of those shoes, you couldve spent it on two books that you are required to have in college. Don't mistreat your parents just because your friends seem more "fun" because in the end your only friends that will never betray or leave you will be your parents. Get your life staright and prepare for the real world before the real world socks you right in the face with bills, expenses, and bad grades.


Keep up the hard work. The work ethic will be your most invaluable tool in the years to come. Skip the community college. You may be saving some money, but the universities have so much more to offer! Don't be afraid to give it your all. Even when you fail pick yourself back up, because in the end those failures are going to teach you how to appreciate your success. Drop the bank job. Yes, it's decent pay for your age, but it will benefit you so much more to find a hospital to work at. You're going to change your career goal so many times it's ridiculous, but one thing stays the same: every job considered has been in the medical field. Stop worrying so much about what exactly you're going to do. Start worrying more about getting that Bio degree knocked out. Be patient! Our path is a long one, but oh so worth it. One day we'll be improving people's lives tremendously, maybe even saving them! I know you're going to give it your best in every endeavor. Take care kiddo, I believe in you!


Looking back at my senior year of High School I would have told myself to believe in yourself and that God has his hands over you. So be faithful to him and he will be faithful to you. Don’t be scared of all the hard classes coming your way; there are plenty of resources to help guide you to succeed. Don’t be scared to talk to your professors; they’re the key to your success. Be true to yourself and don’t change who you are because of what others say about you. Make sure you stay involved on campus and make professional relationships with factuality and staff; who knows you may need them for a letter of recommendation or for a job or internship. And know that Ms. Sparks was right about the research papers (Oh my gosh) it gets serious! But I know you can do; so keep all of your packets she gave you. But most of all stay away from boys they are a BIG distraction. Keep God first and make sure you pray every night like you always do and watch God bless you. Love, Ebonee


I would advice my self to apply for financial aid and a scholarships right away.


If only I could have told the scared girl, trembling to open the envelope with the college seal on it, that a letter like that, doesn't define who you are. Perhaps that is the sad and wonderful truth about growing up, it takes so long to leave our parents ebraces because every little battle we've had to overcome is training us for the greater battle of life. To begin as innocent children may begin as a grand idea, but to see the world as a child would be to expose all of the beauty, all of the worldly and truely pure places, mixed with all of the bad. So much bad in fact, that seen through a narrow window could swallow up all the good. We grow up to learn that there isn't black and white, but red and green and blue too. That there is so much good and bad, but to see only one or the other is to watch a sunset, and only see it as the ending of another day. There is so much life out there to live if we only have the courage to go out there and experience it.


I would tell myself that you are different and you have always been different. Never let society get into your head and tell you that you are doing wrong. Stick with the path that you set and you are going to make mistakes, and those mistakes are okay, just never give up and your dream and you will go far. I would also tell myself to try and relax and not stress so much, you have people that care about you who are willing to talk to you and not alot of people have that, so be thankful, have fun and enjoy every moment because really college isn't that long.


I would advise myself to choose a major and stick with it. If I had done this, I could have completed college sooner and been that much closer to obtaining my career as this generation's next best Brewmaster.


Do better. Just, do better. You spent so much time wondering if there was something wrong with you instead of using that energy to better yourself. There's nothing wrong. Mom is right. Do your work. Take pride in your ability to adapt because man alive, you'll be doing a lot of that. Speak more French. Don't take Japanese. Take German instead. You love girls and adore women, while still wanting men. There's nothing wrong with that. Ask Robin out. You go to a great school filled with wonderful people. Take pride in that. Don't let those who stop looking after hearing "Chico State" get you down. You know better. You know best. You're going to meet the greatest people you have ever met. Hang out with business majors, especially DSP. Yeah, you know you get in. Delta Sigma Pi will be your life, your saving grace. Become someone you know they will be proud to call 'brother' and everything will be gravvy after that. Be the best me we could have been. Go on. Do it.


This is your time to shine. It's the first time you will be away from home, out from under the restrictions set by mom and dad. Don't lose control. Asserting control over your life is so important right now. College is what you make of it, you can pay for tuition and spend your time partying and drinking; or you can build meaningful relationships with other students, faculty, mentors and create this vision of success. You can do whatever you put your mind to. As one of my professors said, "Be great at everything you do." Especially don't let someone tell you that you can't. If they are saying you can't do it, then they must not know you very well. You are in college to get a degree, don't let anything distract you from your goals and dreams. That's the biggest advice I can give, is to dream. Dream big and set reasonable goals along the way. Don't worry about your growing debt, because what matters is that you get into that dream job. Once you are there, paying for it will be worth every penny.


Stay focused and remember to breathe. Do not transfer between schools!


One piece of advice I would say is “fake it until you make it,” what I really mean by this phrase is have confidence in yourself. Being yourself at full capacity you becoming capable of showing your value, ideas, passion and this is the way that you will have anything you want in this world. Growing up I was always known as an introverted child, some people took this as a weakness and some people tried to pray on this. Due to the internal voice I created growing up I was afraid to go into college because I began telling myself “You are not enough, you do not belong in college”. Freshmen year I then questioned myself by asking "What am I afraid of, who am I receiving an education for?” , I then realized that it is not for all the external factors that make me feel uncomfortable but it is for me and my family .” Knowing this advice, I realize that I would have saved a lot of heart ache but this is what made me strong and know that I am enough and I have done enough.


Assuming that I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior the first piece of advice I would address is on procrastination. This is a very important topic for me since procrastiantion is such a bad habit to hold on to. I procastinated in high school and took that habit with me to college. It was not until the end of my sophomore year that I began to break my habit of procrastination. Dear self, I want to give you advice today that will help you better shape your future. I see that you wait until the last minute to do all your school work, class projects and reading assignments. If you do not break this habit now it will cost you time and money in the future and you will not be very reliable. Here are the top 3 main reasons why you should NOT PROCRASTINATE: 1. You do not do your best work 2. Seem unprofessional and unprepared for presentations 3. Not realiable This is a bad habit overall and may lose focus in different areas if not kept on track and organized. Do not procrastinate. Period.


college is all about responsibility and the ability to be successful in the major that you are trying to achieve. college is having the resposibility to make your own decisions and, choosing whats best for your future. Its not about procastinatig in your work by taking school seriously. i advice to set goals for yourself.


Going into college you always ask everyone what it was like for them, but you do not know what it is truly like until you go and experience it yourself. If I were given the opportunity to go back and talk to myself as a high school senior I would definitely have some advice to give. First would tell myself that applying for scholarships, grants, and financial aid is important because there are a variety of different things you will need to pay for. I would also tell myself that procrastinating will get you no where, it is better to stay on top of things, then you will have more free time. Something else I found very important is getting and advisor and talking to them about what classes to take that will benefit you the most and help you graduate in four years. Lastly I wouldn’t talk about school but I would give the reminder of not letting anyone hold you back, this is your time to shine and find who you are. Things may happen, but everything happens for a reason. Don’t stress or worry you have great friends and family who support you.


If I were giving myself advice about the transition from high school to college I would tell myself to become mentally prepared. Focus is one of many key elements to success in college. Focus needs to be exercised in the classroom and while studying. I would express to myself that school is the primary focus. Balancing is another factor. Be mindful when balancing school, work, and or leisure time. Homework and studying should always come first. Crowd yourself with students who are doing the right thing and that are motivating and positive. Get involved and join programs that accent your curriculum. These programs help in tutoring, networking, and seizing future opportunities. Don't be afraid to find a mentor to express stress and problems. They also can help guide you into the right direction. Try not to reject advice that is new or different; think the advice through and apply it when making final decisions. If you have any free time apply for some scholarships and involve yourself with the community. Make a list of both short term and long term goals. Also make a list of this you need to do to prepare yourself for your next steps.


If I could go back in time, and talk to my high school senior self, I would tell myself how important it will be to stay focused on achieving the goal of becoming a Physician Assistant. To not allow nothing or no one to deter you from your goal. I know that it will be hard to be away from the family, but you're only an hour away, and you always come home to visit when you want. And the partying, that can wait! Yes your friends may call you "boring" or say that you're "acting funny", but you're on a mission. A chance at having a much better future for yourself. There are many important reasons ahead of you; in which, finishing your college education will make a big difference than if you didn't. So just know there will definitely be more than enough time after college to party and live your life to the fullest. Only now do I wish that I could be you again, and of course, that is impossible. But now with the same determination and passion I once had as a high school senior, I have now as an adult.


If I were able to go back and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell her to stay strong and enjoy the most incredible years of her life. I would not warn her of the troubles that she would inevitably face or the romantic relationships that would occur, because I would not want to alter the outcome of the beautiful future that the young girl eventually finds. I would tell her to take more pictures and laugh more with her friends and family, because you never know how long you will get to have them in your life. I would tell her to keep believing in love, faith, and humanity, even when the world seems as though it is spinning out of control. Love is wonderous and it can even save you from the most terrible things that occur in life; believe in the good of people and don't be too quick to judge someone. Lastly, I would tell her to keep dreaming and listen to your parents; they really do know best.


Apply myself to figure out what school to attend and figure out major/pathway issues as well earlier.


One thing i would tell myself as a high school senior is to live on campus. Yes, the shared bathrooms might be hard to deal with but living on campus would have made Freshman year of college a lot more easy and fun. Because I currently live off campus I don't get the same experiences and haven't met the same amount of people that students do while living in dorms. I would also tell myself not to stress about college because it really isn't as intimidating or as hard as it seems.


I would tell myself not to worry about trying to fit in with a certain crowd or being the "popular kid" at school. I would focus more on my studies to get better grades. So I can have better and more options for the future. For example what college I might want to attend. I would not worry about attending the same school as my friends because we all have different life goals. I wish I would have challenged myself with harder classes such as AP english so I could save myself a few units in college, and get ahead. So I would give myself the advice to challenge myself and participate in as many extra curricular activites possible. Not only to make my college application look better but to give back to my community and participate as a whole. College isn' really about who was popular in high school and all that good stuff. It's about find yourself and what you want to do. It kind of like growing up and doing things on your own.


knowing what I know now I would probably study more so that I would choose my major based on my skills and knowledge. not based on someone telling me what to do about my future.


The first advice I would give myself is to enjoy the whole college experience, but do it in moderation. I, like many new freshman, was so excited about going off to college and having my independence, that I tried to do everything in the first semester. I rushed into pledging a sorority and got tied down to the required events and philanthropic commitments. I also had alot of people in my head taking about how the first semester was just a throw away semester. I would definitely tell myself not to slack off on going to classes because even though attendance isn't required, you have to make the effort. You should make sure you manage your time wisely and schedule the ever dreaded study sessions. Wait to pledge a sorority until I have settled in to college life. I would also say to try to make good friendships because they will last a lifetime.


I would tell my pastself that even though you moved so far away you made the right choice because there are so many opportunities for you here that you could have never imagined. Even though there are many struggles along the way everything will be okay as long as you remember to work hard and never forget your dream of why you do everything you do. Also to remember to breath and that you have so many people who are behind you, who support and love you. Eventhough some of the people you love more then anything in the world are not with you physically they will always be behind you and you know that they could not be more proud of you for everything you are doing and how much will accomplish in such a short amount of time. Therefore work hard and never give up even when times are tough because you will get through them.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to RELAX. You are going to meet so many different people that will have a huge impact on your worldview. It is an incredible experience. Academically, it is so enriching and nothing like high school—it is empowering and engaging. You will find out what your passions are and how to manifest those passions into work that will be rewarding for years to come. Remember to pace yourself. It is so easy to get caught up in wanting to be a part of every event that is going on. You will feel like you are missing out if you don’t, but there will always be plenty of opportunities to take hold of. There will be tough, painful times—in retrospect you will see that there is a reason behind every moment and stand strong. Remember your faith and strength because it is your greatest asset. Have fun, be safe, and enjoy every moment because these years fly by and your life is just starting.


Hello high school me! Boy oh boy do I have some advice for you. First and foremost, take your time and don't rush. I know when you graduate then you have all this freedom but don't jump into something without thinking it through first. Secondly, stay home for awhile after you graduate! I know it's cool to live out on your own, have your own apartment and do what you want, but with those things come bills and more bills. If you want to go to school too it's extremely hard to work and go to class. Next piece of advice is to sit down with an advisor at the college you plan to attend and make a schedule of the classes that you need to take and when so that way you have a plan. It's hard to get started and scheduling all your classes by yourself can be stressful. Lastly, I advise you to stay in school. Don't ever think that taking a break from school will be ok because it's not. Take this advice high school me and you'll be golden! Good luck!


Congratulations on surviving high school! You are about to embark on the most amazing journey. This is the time in your life when you truly get to know yourself. You will learn what motivates you, what your passions are, and how to be self- sufficient, making life-long friends and wonderful memories. College is an amazing academic and social experience, but don’t let the social component outweigh the academic. It is important to go out with your friends, but not every night. Your friends will understand, and I promise that you won’t regret putting a little more effort into your studies. Develop relationships with your academic advisor and at least one faculty member. These are the people that will keep you on track and they will be the ones to write your letters of recommendation when the time comes that you need them. Join an academic and a recreational club. This is a great opportunity to make more friends, have fun, and build up your resume. Study abroad for a semester. Make sure to exercise. It will keep your endorphins flowing, so you are happy and sane. Take a million pictures. And above all, just breathe.


If I were a high school senior again, I would tell myself to go to college and get my degree right away. It is much easier without the reponsibility of a house, family, and finances. My father would have paid for my college if I had gone after high school. I am now 51 years old with a husband who's disabled. The brain doesn't remember as well as it did back then, and now I have all of the financial worries of paying for college as well as maintaining the house and family financial responsibilities. I am determined and will finish regardless, but any financial help I can get with paying for school definitely helps. Thank you for your consideration.


Work hard to excell and follow your educational passion. Be sociable and friendly to your classmates; you may make a stronger social circle. Save money, but take small trips and enjoy concerts, art museums, and road trips more often. Most crucially, ask questions about how things are connected. In science and medicine, many factors are related and affect several other processes; ask questions about these relationships. Finally, look for mentors and truly gain from their educational backgrounds.


If i had the opportunity to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to stop, breathe, and enjoy the rest of my senior year without stressing too much. I would tell my high school senior self that moving away is not as scary as I thought it was. I would explain to myself that every freshman would make the same "scary" transition that I was about to make. The most important words of wisdom that I would relay to my high school self would be to try not to please everybody else but to focus more about pleasing myself and doing what makes me happy. In the end, if I am happy with myself I will spread joy to the people around me. I've learned in my first year of college is that being happy makes all of the obstacles life throws at you a little easier to handle.


I would probably tell myself to do more scholarships and try harder in tha area, knowing now that it's definitely not cheap especially with the horrible economy.


College is not as hard as it sounds. Teachers scare you into thinking that you'll be up studying until 3:00 am. Truth is, if you manage your time correctly, college really can be enjoyable. I remember being afraid of my English classes thinking 10 page papers were going to be assigned in the first week. The expectations for reading and writing in college are not much different from that of high school. Essays are expected to be at least 3 pages in MLA format. However, unlike high school we didn’t read any books in college English. This isn’t to say that we didn’t read at all. We wrote and responded to various articles that my teacher Ms. Pape would post onto the CSU web site. I was really just expected to express my viewpoint and be able to write it on paper; whether it was expressing my opinion about an article, video or research topic. We were mostly graded on our structure and our ability to organize a paper and not so much on grammatical errors. This just tells you not to sweat the small stuff. Breathe and you’ll get through it easy!


I don’t believe in regret. Everything you do is beneficial to you, even if what you are doing would be looked on by others as a mistake. The key is that you be willing to learn from your experiences. How could we ever grow as humans if we did not make the occasional error, if we did not have those opportunities to learn? That’s the beautiful thing about free will- it allows us the room we need to screw things up. So I would not tell my high school self to do a single thing differently, because then I would have missed out on many learning experiences; I would simply say to myself, “Keep an open mind. Learn from what you do. Most of all, don’t stress yourself about the future, because everything will work out in the end.”


I would to win this scholarship


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to make my academics my first priority in college and always try my hardest. College can be very hard and sometimes you can try your hardest and still not get an A in every class, but in many cases hard work does pay off. There is nothing I hate more then look back at my first semester of college and know that I did not try my hardest. Academically I did well my first semester I recived slightly over a 3.0 GPA, better than many students do in their first semester in college, but I know that I could have done better. If I had made my classes my first priority and let friendships form natually I would be much more proud of myself today. Although I have taken classes in college, tried my hardest and still recived a B, there are other classes that I could have brought a B to an A with my full dedication. There is no better feeling then ending a class knowing that you have worked hard and tried your best.


I would remind myself to stay engaged and focused with my goals. Going to college, it is very easy to just take the classes and do what is necessary for an "A" without reminding yourself that this knowledge is essential for what you want to do in life. I would also encourage myself to look into any and all extracurricular activities. When I was first starting college I was really overwhelmed with classes and homework, and it made me not want to get involved in anything outside the classroom. Even though it would mean getting less sleep and having less study time, the extracurricular activities would definitely be worth it.


College is not like highschool. It involves a lot of independent work. In college you have to keep up with the textbook readings. The professors will not assign you small amounts of readings like in highschool. Most professors will give you chapters to read by a certain date. It is up to you when you will read the assigned chapters. Do not put off reading your textbook until the weekends. You do not want to spend your entire weekends reading 40 page chapters for each class. Also, make sure you review what you have read and study the material for at least an hour every night. This will definitly help you learn the material so that you will not have to cram the information the night before for an exam. It is also very important to visit your advisor every semester. If you do not, you will realize you have extra classes you need to take. You will also stress over whether you will graduate with the right requirements for entering pharmacy school. If you would like to make more friends, you have to start the first month of your freshmen year. Otherwise, it is hard to make friends.


I would tell myself to apply early for scholarships and seek advisors to help in my school decisions. I know this would make a difference in my education.


I moved over 600 miles away from my family when I went to CSU, Chico. The first year was the hardest year for me. I was home sick and missed everything about being home. After the first year, I made the best friends and learned Chico is one of the greatest places I have every lived. I think as a high school senior, I would have reminded myself that going away is going to be a good thing. Seperating yourself and building independence away at school will be very beneficial. Since I am the only child in my family to go away to college, I think it was one of the most amazing experiences that no one else will understand, and has made me a stronger person.


I would tell myself to attempt to find more internships. It is extremely difficult to find jobs in order to pay for school; and, if you are middle class, you can neither get financial aid or be able to pay for school entirely. Therefore, finding a job is the only in which to afford college, a mandatory life experience now. Without internships or work experience, there is no hope of finding work and, therefore, no hope of being able to afford college.


Do not make a decision based off your family, location, or the major you were forced into starting with. Do things for yourself and don't be afraid to make mistakes, you can handle the consequences.


A good college student is someone who is ambitious, energetic, and never settles for giving anything less than their best. I believe I fit these qualities because I have a strong passion for what I am learning, my intended career, but mostly the work I do aside of attending my classes. I am on the executive board of Up Til Dawn, an organization in Chico State that helps to raise money for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Chico State has been number one nationally in raising money for the past four years. It is a great pleasure of mine to know I am making a difference in someone’s life, somewhere. Also, I am a part of the Blitz Build, this is a small group of people who help to build houses for victims of domestic violence. As a nutrition major, i take part in cooking and providing drinks for the volunteers who are out building the homes. I know the hardships my parents are going through to help me pay for school. For those reasons it is important to me to challenge myself, exceed in my classes, and make my stay in Chico State memorable.


CSU Chico was a place where I grew as a person. I started my college career knowing I wanted to become a teacher, and ended it knowing I wanted to be much more. In my two years at Chico State I was introduced to job titles I had never heard of. In my upper division classes, professors would ask what our professional goals were and actually listened! Once they found out I wanted to focus on mathematics, they set me up with professors who could further assist me in achieving dream. Professors I had never had meet with me to plan for courses to take, and give me helpful tips in the credential program. I have applied to three different state schools, and hands down Chico's staff has been the most dedicated and supportive. Aside from the staff, the community life was amazing and active. You can walk around campus and count on running into many familiar faces. I remember being able to call classmates at midnight and asking them from help and them being willing to wake up before class to meet with me. The library is always crowded, so finding a study group is simple.


I have learned to study harder than in high school because its all on me. I know the value of an education , I realize now that all the hard work and all the time and energy my mom has put into finding me scholarships and grants to be able to go to college was a lot of time and energy on her part and for that I am greatful. I will be the first to go to a 4 year college in my family so I want to make my mom proud of me. I want to be a productive person in this life with a good job.


I came to Chico to learn who I am, and I have more than succeeded. I have been exposed to a diverse range of lifestyles, cultures, involvement, and passions, and I've found that I'm an environemtnalist who loves to promote sustainability practices to others around me. I also love the North and the Redwoods and I want to dedicate my life to preserving them and their beauty, after graduation. I have also learned how to make a true friend, and what is realistic to expect of them in a crisis. I've loved, I 've lost, and I've learned that a community is what is is because of all that exists within in. Chico wouldn't be the same without the University and the University wouldn't be the same withouth Chico. It's an amazing simbiotic relationship that cannot be put into words, but I'm so grateful for it.


My college experince has been excellent. I started to get really involved in Jewish organizations on campus. I am on the board for the psychology honors program-Psi Chi. Even though it takes up a lot of my time, it is very rewarding. Chico State cares about it's students and that is what i like best about attending this school.


I have learned comprimise while staying here in college. I also learned that I am the one who has to wake me up and make me go to classes everyday. I really enjoy math now that I know how to study for it and it's great!