California State University-San Marcos Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


It is environment friendly and it is a safe and comfortable place to be. It has help resource centers and the atmosphere around campus is joyful.


writting papers


My school is best known for its beautiful and clean campus. It is fairly new and is kept very clean and safe. I appreciate its utilities such as the gym, the fields, the parking sturcture, and the Kellogg library. Our library is the most extensive of all the libraries in the CSU system.


It is best known for the stairs. CSUSM has the largest amount of land out of all of the CSUs but CSUSM is just not fully built. We are located in San Marcos and it is kind of hilly. So our campus is built up and not out. But after that comes the great staff and teachers and the amazing dorm rooms.


I am fairly new to my school, and before attending I heard little about its reputation. One reason I applied was that I heard it was easy to get into, and I had little confidene regarding my qualifications for college, however; after attending this school for one semester, I absolutely love it. My previous notions about the easiness of the coursework were proved wrong. My courses have been challenging and interesting so far.


Passion for learning and teaching as well as winning the Nation's College Recycling award.


Our school is best known for recycling and the size of the campus. It is a very small campus which means you can get that one on one time with your professor. I love it because in the classrooms, they normally are not filled over 80 people so you can concentrate and it encourages you to go to class all the time. Cal State San Marcos is the top college that recycles, I can't even find a regular trashcan sometimes. There are even recycling bins in the bathrooms!


My school is best known as a commuter schools (hence the hybrid:)


My school is best known for its business school, for having small classes, and for having a beautiful campus.


Asigning alot of papers and having alot of stairs


I really do not have a definite answer.