California State University-San Marcos Top Questions

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California State University of San Marcos was one of the first California State Universities to have their own LGBT center. What is the LGBT center you may ask? It is a place where Lesbias, Gays, Bisexuals, and Transgenders can go and socialize or just have a place to do their school work, a place where negativity is cast aways and a friendly vibe comes of this center.


I love California State University of San Marcos because they help and work with you to succeed even when you are struggling or behind. They offer free tutoring for any subject if needed. There are so many helpful resources on campus that have helped me meet new people and to pass my classes with outstanding grades. The campus police are very alert and active throughout the day.


There is a small number of students in each classroom making it easier to have more one-one interaction with the professors.


This school is unique because it has all the classes needed to prepare a student for a succesful career without feeling like the, sometimes too overbearing, large universities like UCLA or USC.


The campus is small, allowing smaller class sizes and better communication with the professors. This also allows students to get to know others within their major and become comfortable working together, versus having continuos classes of 300 where you may never realize you have multiple courses with other students. It is like having your own small community in school. I absolutely love it.


The location of our school is very unique. It will be very hot in the day time, so you think you're in the desert, you're not in a downtown area like most colleges are and 10 minutes away is the beach. Its mainly a commuter school, but the drive is a fairly easy drive.


I love that the school is fairly new. The campus is beautiful and the surrounding neighborhood is as well. We have so much access as far as computers, the vast library and the class size. Those factors make it desirable to me rather than your mega campus state schools.


The campus is relatively new and some of the buildings are top of the line. The location was also great; warm weather and close to the beach.


smaller, more intimate, great library resources (such as the circuit), always find a parking spot :)


It is small you get to know a lot fo people and your classes are not super impacted. There is also a lot of times to meet with professor if you do ahve any questions, or just need help with anything. It is also newer so all the building are very nice.


We are more focused on soccer than football. And is all about the recycling haha.


It is fairly small and therefore allows more opportunity for class space, teacher student interaction, and education. However, suffers with sports and extra ciricular activities.


California State University of San Marcos has a very excellent greek program that promotes philanthropy and creating social events open to the entire university.