California State University-San Marcos Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about this school is that it is on a hill, so there are a lot of stairs to climb going to class. When the elevators are broken and you have to climb up 4 flights of stairs, you get into class all sweaty. That is the worst part of this school.


One of the worst things about the school is that theres an endless amount of stairs. Everywhere you go, you're walking up stairs. Also, some classes can have a lot of students in them and some classes are hard to get into because of the limited number of available seats.


The inability to accommodate all the needs of its student base. For example, enough seats in a classroom, enough sections for classes and waitlists.


The worst thing about my school is the acadamic advising appointments which were not helpful at all, and the parking fees which are way over priced.


The worst thing about the campus is that there are a lot of stairs, its a bad thing because people who are disabled have a hard time getting around.


The worst thing about my university is that help is hard to find. Everything in the college life must be done on your own. A student must be on top of all deadlines and the resources available at your specific university or college. If your struggling in a class you have to find a way to recieve help and tutoring services. and at my university help is hard to find. Also, most of the work is done on your own not in the classroom.


Campus budget. I know it isn't the schools fault, but we have furlough days, a larger tuition, and (sometimes) a 13 unit cap for the smester. This makes taking the proper classes hard to get into and to pay for - plus with all the days off we're getting less bang for our buck.


My major, Mass Media, encompasses a large area of media production fields and I feel as though print media and print journalism are largely underrepresented. Shown through the types of courses offered in this major, print media is given much less courses compared to TV, internet, and radio news mediums. I wish my school would revamp the Mass Media major and make it more print journalism friendly since there isn't a specific Journalism major offered.


CSUSM is a commuter school so the majority of students commute back-and-forth from their house to school each day. Students, including myself, struggle to find parking on a daily basis. To add onto the ?parking-wars,? paying for the parking permit for each semester is ridiculous because of the outrageously high price of $293 each permit. Although the school decided to build a parking structure to make things a bit easier for students and faculty, the absence of a structure promised to be completed by the summer has been delayed for the past couple of months.


Exiting high school, I was among many college-bound graduates who believed that once in college, we would finally be rid of slackers, weak group contributors, and disinterested students. After all, you have to TRY to be accepted into a university. I was disappointed to find my expectations shattered. Although it is a step up, you'll still find students who seem to wish they weren't there. You'll still hear cries for deadline extensions and you'll still see struggling students turn to dishonest attempts to save their grade. Don't believe you'll leave it all behind.


There are many stairs to climb to get to class.


It is a commuter campus so most of the population is only on campus when they have class. Developing a social life with the majority of the students is rather difficult because most of us hold down full-time jobs along with the full-time education. If you are looking for a social life then you need to live on-campus otherwise you will not be satisfied.


The worst thing about CSUSM is how hard the school has been hit by budget cuts. We now have implemented furlough days and the professors seem somewhat unmotivated. The classes have been cut short and getting into the nursing program is almost impossible due to limited space.


Some of the classes are duplicates from high school in which they require you to take to graduate.


The lack of a school spirit and the commuter school feel. Not a soul on the weekends.


It's a commuter school. Class mates come from all over the county, hard to make good friends when everyone lives 30-45 mins away.


Classes are slim in the upperdivision levels. There are so many 100 level courses, taken in your first year, offered and available but when you start to get into a specific major classes begin to disappear.


I consider the worst thing about my school to be that there is a lack of fraternity parties, sports, and other activities that make college life so much fun.


The school isn't as competative as I would like it to be. Many students aren't motivated.


When people get bad roommates, because the people you live with really shapes your college experience.


California State University of San Marcos is still very small and underdeveloped. This really discourages college students from forming more relationships with other students because there is no recreational facilities and the dorms are not big enough to encourage kids to live on campus.


What I would describe as the worst thing about it is the physical location of campus. It is off a bypass highway between a couple of main freeways . Most people I know do not even know where my Univeristy is, so I describe where in reference it is to another major surrounding city.


the parking price is rediculous. the school spirit is weak. we dont have many popular sports.


The worst thing about CSUSM is the lack of openness and respect toward those with conservative and/or Christian worldviews. One is almost treated like a neanderthal for being a conservative. It is also difficult being a Christian and having a professor tell me that I supposedly evolved from primordial ooze. Other people can't hear my viewpoints or even form their own opinion because it is automatically dismissed as stupid and uneducated.


The worst thing about attending CSUSM is that there was not a large variety of majors on campus. I was limited to courses that I did not always find interest in.


The only thing that i have come seen is regarding a sociology class that i'm in, there are 124 people in that class and i feel that if i need extra help it might be kind of hard to get it.


The parking at our school can be a bit difficult.


The worst thing at this campus is, well, nothing. I can't really pinpoint one thing that is really a negative.


There is not much of a college atmosphere at the school or in the community. For the most part, people do what they need to do and then leave for home; although, every year the school is becoming more unifed.