Camden County College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Camden County College is understanding, welcoming and very good at preparing students for what's to come.


Camden County College is a very relaxed institution. The faculty and staff gives students a lot of room to be who they are and to do what they want to do; however, even with these advantages, students still maintain a large amount of respect for everyone on campus including faculty, staff, fellow students, and even visitors. They do not take advantage of the freedom they have to become respected and respectful adults. Camden County College has given me an amazing experience in the three years I have attended, and I am very happy I chose to attend.


My school gave me alot of knowledge I love to learn and Im happy to have my teachers that all were an intelligent people who also love to teach.


Its one of the best community colleges in the nation, the professors are helpful and they are very well rounded. I take advantage to use the services around the campus. Also, the tutoring services on campus are really good and you should always take advantage to use the services around the college. Also, getting involved on campus activities are great and it will relfect on your resume and transcript.


Camden County College is an accredited 2-year public community college which enrolls over 20,000 credit students and more than a 1000 non-credit students every year. The Camden County College offers degree and certificate programs in arts, science, and applied science. Technical fields like automotive technology and mechanical engineering, liberal arts and sciences like English and chemistry, and other subjects like nursing and medical coding are taught in this university.


My school is diverse and full of opportunities for the future for any student or parent of any age.