Camden County College Top Questions

Describe the students at Camden County College.


Some people are awful, but most of them are great


As soon as they talk to me, I immediately tell them, I am deaf and it doesn't bother them because they willing find a way to communicate which is pen and paper to writing to me or note(text) on the phone. They would like to learn sign language and I teach them also.


My classmates are caring, fun-loving hardworkers who never back down from any challenge.


Yes, all colleges are has different personalities but my college is field with many uniquely different personalities. A walk around campus a person can see what I mean. Entering the cafeteria there is always a group of people with there laptops all on the same web page excited about the new web game. Then when I walk farther there?s another group of people expressing there feelings through the art of poetry even if it is rapping. There are many groups. My school has students ages 17-60 with many different personalities and one goal that are to graduate.