Camden County College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The 'nerds' in the cafe are very obnoxious. I can't study in the quiet area without hearing them play their video games or scream at each other from across the room. There is also a very large number of people who are clearly there for their financial aid check and think school is a joke.


walking to my classes, as a freshman i was very confin iowhere my classes were. there were so many buildings.


For this year and allthe years past and present, it would have to be parking. The Campus parking lot is too small to hold the amount of studnts that drive to school. Camden County College is the second Largest institution of Higher Learning in New Jersey, Second only to Rutgers University; for them to barely have any parking spots is un acceptable. Best advice for new comers that drive; Get there early or else you will be looking for a parking spots for hour. If you illegally parking where you are not suppose to, they'll ticket you. Good Luck.


The most frustrating thing about Camden County College is the Advisement. They are not as helpful as I would like them to be, and often do not know enough information to even try and attempt to help you.