Camden County College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Being able to approach professors with questions or concerns without feeling like I am wasting their time. The classroom size is perfect, students aren't just a number. Even though Camden County College isn't a huge university the education is definitely of university level. I really enjoy being a Camden County student.


The best thing about my school is the diverse atmosphere. I love meeting new people, and my campus has over 18,000 studetns attending. This gives me a chance to meet other students from different bakgrounds who could be possibly studying the same things i am.


The thing that I consider to be best about my school is that they do anything to help a student succeed. They are very friendly and are always willing to help a student out. Everything that a student would need for a classs (library, computer lab, Acedemic Support Center,etc) is right on campus. This school is also a great environment for learning. There are always students in the hallway studying, doing home work, or helping out another classmate with whatever they may need hep with. It's just a great school in general and a great place to learn!