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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Hey Dre! I need you to know a few things before you graduate. First, something I need you desperately to remember is that life doesn’t always go the way you plan. It has a way of making you feel as though everything is crumbling and you have no control over the outcome. Just know that everything will be okay and DO have control. What you have planned in your head now is far less than what your true potential will be! You question why God didn’t bless you with an incredible talent; one that would give you a recording contract, or a spot in the Olympics. But what I’ve come to realize only recently, is that God didn’t put you on this earth for those reasons. He has something far more great and wondrous in store for you. Just because this fulfillment may not go in the path you pictured, doesn’t mean that your destiny won’t come to pass. You just need to believe in yourself and have the confidence and courage to face all the demons that are thrown at you, because although you may not feel it now, your life is important.


I would go back to high school and tell myself to not be so concerned with what everyone else is doing. To focus on myself and what will make me successful, not where my best friend is going to college. I would tell myself to stray away, far away from the crowd of people I associated with everyday because currently, they aren't doing anything with their lives. I would also tell myself to be confident, nothing can bring you down when you're confident in yourself and your decisions. Do what makes you happy. I would strongly urge myself to not room with my high school best friend at college because I didn't get the best experience of college because we went home every weekend, therefore I didn't meet anyone nor did I have fun up there. I would tell myself to stand up for what you believe in and turn your head to people who try to bring you down. However, at the end of the day, I would make sure I knew I have a supportive family to lean on no matter what, and that to me, is most important.


I would tell myself to take some time off. Jumping into school right out of high school did not bode well for me. I often wished I had had more time to think of what I wanted to do than to jump into school unsure. For this reason, I went for one year, then took three years off, then went back and got my AAS. Now, two years later I am going back to get my BA. It has taken a lot longer now with a family and kids to get everything together to go back to school.