Carlow University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about Carlow University is the claim in the school's mission statement that they offer a diverse community. It portrays the idea that the school offers the opportunity to meet different people; people from diverse backgrounds. The school's mission statement boasts diversity, however there is very little diversity at the school, and even fewer males. I think this is the worst thing because the world is not filled with caucasian women. There are other cultures out there and I believe that the atmosphere at the university does little to teach students about that.


The food.


The worse thing about Carlow is the fee for Parking Passes. This can make getting an education even more expensive. Being a commuter is hard enough without having to deal with paying for a semesters worth of parking for 1 class. With its location in the heart of Oaland surrounded by larger colleges it is hard to find parking on the street without having to hike over a mile or so.


The food selection is not very conducive to the needs of diabetics. The campus parking availability is extremely bad, especially for handicapped students. I will say that the Disabilities department has done as much as possible to assist me with this problem by scheduling my classes where parking is less of a problem. The housekeeping department has been very disappointing over my last eight years here. However, I will say that I have recently seen improvement since the new supervisor took over.


I think the worst thing about my school is that nothing goes on past nine o'clock in the dorm and that there isn't many fun things that come to campus for us to do.


Since Carlow is a smaller school the amount of course availability is usually an issue. Also they only offer some classes at certain times which may or may not fit into an idividual's schedule. This becomes difficult, especially if you have a very strict schedule to follow in order to graduate in 4 years.


Its not very fun? There just arent many fun things to do unlss you go down the street to Pitt


The thing I hate most is that Carlow is a primarliy female school. So you are usally interacting with females alll day. There are some men but usually you may never have a male in class. I think it would be harder as a male to really grow and develop in a school that really promotes women.


The worst thing about my Univerisitty is the amount of time it takes for everything to process with finanical aid. This semester i found myself having to run around trying to make sure that my money was going to be in with enough time for my classes to count because it was taking so long to get my loans through school to be approved. If they would be approved quicker and everything worked out it would have made the start of this semester easier.


The worst thing about Carlow is the food. Although it is college, and most college food is not exactly five course meal material, I do believe that after all the money students pay to live on campus, we deserve to have scrumptious food.