Carlow University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Even though the major percentage of students are female, anyone can attend Carlow University. By that I mean anyone who is driven and dedicated to obtaining a good education. The classes and professors are wonderful, but challenging. Focus and determination are requisites for attending this school. But for this reason, it is a wonderful environment to learn in because the students are all very determined to work hard to gain and earn their education. Carlow University is the perfect school for anyone who greatly values their education and wants to ensure they receive the best.


More men should attend this school because it is badly needed. This is mainly a female oriented university, and I think more male students would help diversify it more.


Someone who is looking for a smaller campus with smaller class sizes.


A person who is interested in a liberal arts, woman-centered education. Carlow is mostly an all girls university, so whoever attends should be prepared for that. Someone who is focused and career oriented on their education should attend here, as well as someone who likes to have fun! Pittsburgh and Carlow offer great activities and student organizations to be be a part of. This person should also like a smaller campus with smaller class sizes and no teacher aides in place of professors. They should be looking for a quality eduction vs quantity of students.