Carlow University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


The type of person who wouldn't fit at this school is someone who is looking to start research early and have more access to research opportunities.


In the very words expressed on the Carlow University website: "Carlow believes in the education of the person both inside and outside the classroom. We encourage students to develop skills in judgment, leadership, analysis, decision-making and communication. Our philosophy embraces the mission of the university as we seek to involve students in a holistic, self-directed, lifelong journey of discovery and empowerment in which emotional, spiritual, vocational, intellectual, environmental, physical, and social aspects of their lives are challenged toward growth and fulfillment" ( Although both men and women attend, it is primarily a women's college.


The type of student to not attend this college is one who doesn't want to have personal attention toward them. Carlow pays attention to each student equally so if they want to not have to participate they should not attend this school.


Carlow University empowers women, so a great candidate for this school would be a young women who plans to strengthen her skills, communication, networking, and finally becoming a completely cultured individual.


A person who is not good at dealing with stress shouldn't attend carlow because it is the hardest thing and there is never a time when you are not stressed out.


Someone who is looking for a laid-back party kind of college experience. Someone who likes to interact with equal amounts of men and women because the school is mostly women.