Case Western Reserve University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


My school is very rigorous and informative.


An melting pot for intense academic growth.


A place where all the over-achievers in high school can learn to relax and embrace their social awkwardness.


Case has inspired me to become the person that I only dreamed of.


Friendly people, great opportunities, endless education: choosing CWRU is the best decision I've ever made.


Case is highly diverse, and allows for many excellent opportunies not found at many other universities.


Case Western Reserve University is made up of the hardest working students in the nation who I expect will be the next generation of successful lawers, engineers, and doctors.


Focused on learning and success.


A few brigts spots among a sometimes-poor approach to education and students who are unaware of the world around them or their place in it.


ASU, a great time and a wonderful experience, especially if you are involved in campus clubs and Greek life.


Well-organized researched based institution.


Very academically focused


My schood is small, but academically challenging and has been a wonderful path for me as a student to grow.


Focused on studying


Everyone at this school makes it way-overly difficult, even if the material isn't hard. The people here are anti-social (avoid eye-contact, smiling, etc) and all about studying and have never had an ounce of alcohol in their entire life and highly frown upon it. The professors here WANT you to fail or "weed" you out.


Case is a great acedamically challenging school specifically designed for those who may be considered over-achievers but who have their future in mind.


A school for people who have academics as a priority, and don't mind staying in all weekend.


If I had to describe Case in one sentence, it would be difficult to encapsulate all that it is. However, it all boils down to one word: Challenging.


A boring, repressive, depressing place with no direction or draws.


Case is a school where you are completely free to be yourself. If you do this you will find close friends for life. There is not much going on during the weekends because Greek Life is overbearing (the frats can't throw parties), so you are going to need to be able to find your own fun. There is plenty of acctivities to get involved in all you need to do is find what you love.


Case Western is a small school comprised largely of overachievers, many of whom prefer to focus on their work than have active social lives.


Case is academically focused and homework oriented; most students stay in their rooms for the entire semester playing video games or doing homework.


Case Western Reserve University is school with vast resources for students who are not happy with simply learning from a book and regurgitating information, students here find themselves and their passions through taking classes that interest them, open up the world with hands on experience, research and a friendly atmosphere and supplement it with hundreds of extraciricular events sponsored by the campus and available in the city.


Case gives back what you put in.