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Do not go here; you will be happier at almost any other school.


It's very diverse - you'll find students from many different cultures and walks of life. CWRU is also located in a very walkable urban neighborhood, with lots of restaurants and places to hang out. It's also ranked as the #4 university in the U.S!


There is a strong emphasis on research.


This school is relatively small, so there are more opportunities for each student. There are many future employment and internship opportunties for pre-health, since there are so many great hospitals in Cleveland. The engineering program is great, as well as the pre-med and nursing.


Case Western Reserve University maintains a strong pre-professional focus while also emphasizing the undergraduate experience. Furthermore, the university is unique in that it is relatively small yet has a large impact in both research and service. Finally, Case Western Reserve University successfully assembles a diverse class of students each year, and promotes classes that engage different students in meaningful discussions which facilitate the growth and expansion of ideas.


Ther's a mix of everything here. There's always someone who shares the same interests, no matter how weird. They have great academics and are always trying to help you do better. It is also located in a really nice area.


My school allows for a wide variety of opportunites, and allows a large variety of majors to interact.


You might not like the process, but when you enter the real world, you are prepared for anything they might throw at you!


Case offers an environment where you can develop intellectually and talk about nerdy things with friends and feel normal while doing so Case offers plenty of activities throughout the week if you're interested. Case students do know how to party, if you care. Case is an attractive college to companies. Big companies like Microsoft, Yelp, Goodyear, GE, and many others attended our career fair to recruit students for jobs and internships. Facebook didn't come to the fair, but they're known to hire Case grads and offer co-ops and internships to plenty of Case students. It's a cool feeling when you go to a school that you know companies such as these recruit out of, value, and respect.


Don't be afraid to participate in on-campus activities.


Case, though being an extremely academic university, has a great many options with extra-curriculars. From sports to greek life, organizations to volunteer work, Case facilitates a very diverse lifestyle for all students. It also maintains a high standard for each of these, having some of the best fraternities and sororities in the nation, a great NCAA Div III athletics program, and organizations that not only benefit the university, but the neighborhoods around it as well.


Case Western Reserve University is a place where students have the unique opportunity to do research while still an undergraduate. There are many chances to get involved in the research community within your first few years of school.


extremely intense workload, much more than any other school. incredible resources in the sciences and engineering. the greek life system is excellent, and within it there is an excellent social life. outside of the greek system, there isnt much fun at all.


Though CWRU's intense academic focus could in some places be considered painful, most of the students here did come here to work hard, and have the intelligence to succeed at it. Though the social aspects may suffer, it's an intensely intellectual community and well worth the downsides.


Noxthing really, just great academics


It was in a city and considered to be a good research university.


It's a small school but heavily research oriented in all disciplines represented here giving opportunities in the classroom, outside of the classroom but within the university, and in the greater cleveland area (especially for medicine and engineering). To get the most out of your time here, find you passion and use Case's resources to through yourself into it by becoming involved in the field itself, not just learning about it.


The amount that students focus on academics. They get their work done before engaging in fun activities.


Case Western Reserve is very future-focused. Everthing is real.


Everyone here has a certain degree of general knowledge not found anywhere else. People here can figure out anything given a few minutes (they seem to already know the basics of just about anything you could think of). Students are motivated, highly intelligent, interesting, and from all different backgrounds and coutnries. It's refreshing. Also, students are very cooperative and not at all competitive, and the professors are amazingly helpful, knowledgeable, and accessible.


Good reputation, academically challenging, close to home, and nice size.


Case Western provides an education nearly comparable to an Ivy-league school, has a greater variety of majors than a technical school, and is more conveniently located than any school out East for someone (like me) from the Midwest.


It is unbelievably easy to get involved with research or get a campus job.


I have never met a group of people who are more eager to laugh then Case students. Case is a harsh and difficult place and you need a sense of humor to get through it. It is those who can bolster the gumption for a cavalier laugh in the face of immanent peril who look back on their days spent at Case with glowing fondness.


Note for the guys - do not go to Case planning on meeting lots of attractive women. There are about 2 on campus, and they both know it.


What can I say. I enjoyed my first year at Case. Sure it could have been. I could have aced all my classes and got drunk every night but that did not happen. Life is what you make it. And at college with independence from those close to you, you are the one that is truly in charge of what you do.




Case is a place where anyone can fit in. Seriously. It just depends on if you're willing to make the effort to find your place.


Don't listen to those you whine about lack of campus life, etc. If you are a big partier, Case might not be the school for you but there is plenty to do and despite what seems to be common belief, CWRU students do know how to have fun. Academically, it's tough but it's possible to have a great experience if you put just a little into it.


I took an internship this summer in Houston Texas. I got to meet a lot of people from A&M and UT. The best way to put this experience was that it was culture shock. No offense to people from those schools, but the kids I met were so fricken STUPID. It really made me appreciate Case. I feel like they are intellectual peers and you do not have to dumb yourself down to have a conversation. This is especially true for girls. Comparatively, in Texas, my vocabulary and intellect made me stand out like a sore thumb and I had guys tell me that they were into more "conservative Texas type girls" (aka blonde dumbsh*ts). At Case guys appreciate smart girls. Your intelligence won't scare them away because they are smart too. I really love this school and I would suggest it to anyone who felt out of place in high school. Ask most students here and they were social outcasts in high school. Case gave them the opportunity to feel accepted and gain confidence. Personally, I never fit in till I came here, and now I have everything I could ever want out of my experience.


Case may seem a little nerdy and uptight on the surface, but if you're looking for fun you can find it. It all depends on who you hang out with and meet. The people on the first few days you meet are generally not the people you will be hang out with for the rest of the year. You'll be able to find whatever underground activities, parties or what not. East Cleveland isn't that bad. Just becareful. The Marathon by the Rapid stop is always open and is convienent if you run out of cigs or want drinks/food at 4am.


I don't think I left anything out!


I don't like Case at all. I was forced into going by my parents and am not aloud to transfer, so I'm pretty cynical about it. It is a good school though, so if you want a high paying job and are willing to suffer through four years of hating your life, go ahead and apply (it does go by fast), but if you're thinking college is going to be the best years of your life, than Case is not for you.


I am glad I came to Case. If you sit in your room and not make friends you will be miserable. If you make friends and get involved you will have a good experience.


Case is a great school, and I would recommend it to anyone who is outgoing enough to make their friends have a good time or to anyone who would like to focus on their studies while in college.


From my experiences the Housing and Residence Life is EXTERMELY oppressive. They say they have to be, blah blah blah. I'm an adult, let me have fun. Whatever. However, with that said, there are three on campus bars which people don't really use that often - probably because you have to be 21 and they will card you...


I love Case. The people, the place, everything about it is great. You get to meet people from all over the world, and all different backgrounds.


I love Case... and if you're a reasonably smart person who isn't afraid of taking the initiative to get out of your room and have some fun, you should too.


I love this damn university and I could NOT have made a better choice in my college search!


i love going to case my sister also attend here not all of my friends are freshman, i have some upperclassmen friends, and this is not uncommon


I've had a pretty good time at Case. I think the school overall is a wonderful place that does its best to interact with the community. Any issues I've had here have mostly been from other people's attitudes.

Winston want more?


There is a great Jewish community here. The Hillel is wonderful and appeals to Jewish students of every denomination.


Case Western is fun. I'm disappointed with how much some people complain about it. They just have a crummy major and don't quite understand what they want, I guess. Oh, and Greek Life is amazing. Go Gobies.


Case is an amazing school that unfortunately often gets a bad reputation ue to the difficulty of classes. It has improved phenomenally over the past several years though and has really developed into a high caliber school socially and academically and is a place that I will be proud to call my alma mater in a few short months.


I love Case!! It has it's faults, but it is a great school for those interested in devoting themselves to education.


Don't judge Case by what you read in the Princeton review. Lots of people will leave Case having loved their 4, sometimes more, years of college, and the experiences that Case has given. And if you look away from the ugly Euclid roadwork, or the poor conditions of all the roads, but look at the buildings and interesting statues, Case is absolutely gorgeous in the spring and fall. But beware, if you can't stand a little cold, stay away. The winters can get a little rough. But that's why Case kids can do anything, because we all still make it to class when there are 2 feet of snow and it's 10 below out.


I've pretty much said everything. Not holding anything back.


Good school.


You have to come see Case and spend a weekend here to decide if it is for you. You can't truly appreciate the diversity and social scene until you see it first hand.