Central New Mexico Community College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


The school is really well known for, small classes, cheap tuition, small campuses, and excellent teachers.


working around student schedual to help students in persute of a degree so that any one seeking a degree can do it in any school location and from home via an internet conection


I think my school is best known for being affordable, yet having the best instructors in the area. They care about their students and are always willing to help in class or during their office hours or through email. My school has the highest enrollment in the state over the universities and most students attending have the intention of transferring to a four-year school to continue their education, this is just a good chance to save some money while getting a great start.


Our less-than-stellar football team, our hot-shot broadcast journalism alumni, our dynamic basketball team, and the color orange.


Flexible schedules and multiple campuses. Also, they offer many tuition free courses for ppersonal development.


My school is best known for providing a great college experience at prices people can afford


Many courses to choose from with a variety of classes.