Central New Mexico Community College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would say... "Knock it off and start focusing on school. Get those good grades so you can get nice scholarships. Focus on what you really want to do the rest of your life. Focus on how you are going to get there and what you need to do! These things are important. You don't want to be me a college drop out struggling to go back with no aid to get you there, having poor jobs, struggling to make it month to month, and wishing you could just already have your degree. You mess up if you don't heed my words. Please trust me, I've been there. I actually know what I am talking about. One more thing. Don't give up playing your saxophone, remember how happy it makes you!"


I would tell him much about time. Time gets exponentially faster, and the transition to college would have been much easier if he better grasped that concept early on. I would tell him to start being more productive, utilizing every hour in the day to accomplishing your need goals. Prioritizing is the next issue to emphasize. I would also tell my highschool self to be more patient; not to get so easily frusterated, with himself of others. To spend less time relaxing and more time doing things that will get him farther. Last but not least, to spend more time with his family. Something else I would mention to my senior self is to not be so prideful. He shouldn't let his perception of other people's perception of him control his actions. Instead he should focus more on his individual uniqueness, the things he has to bring to the table. If he does this, he will surely accomplish much more in his college career than I did.


If I could go back in time and give myself advice, it would have to be give school one hundred and ten percent of your time. Well out of high school, I didn't make the best of choices for myself but now I know what I did wrong and I'm my hardest to change my future for my family and myself. I know it won't be easy, life if hard but we continue to strive no matter what situation were in. It's ok to start slow, that's ok, sometime in life you start slow but always finish hard and fast. Success is attitude, no can you when you set your mind and it is a awesome feeling when you know you'll succeed. Always finish hard, I had my share of falling down but I always got back up. If you fall all you do is get back up and if you can't get back then your parents are there, your friends are there, and I'm there. Success is attitude, no can you when you set your mind and it is a awesome feeling when you know you'll succeed. Thank you.


College has been an unbeliveable experience. Returing to school after so many years, I felt very unsure. However, from the beginning of my first semester until now, I have been flooded with overwhelming support. Although I already knew what hard work was, re-training my mind to hit the books again was a whole new kind of hard work, especially because I graduated from high school in 1998. But, the professors made my tranisition easier. They worked with me and showed me that nothing is really "hard"... because EVERYTHING is relateable. The other students taught me a lot about what I am capable of, and streched me whether they know it or not. The classroom conversations , as well as the student clubs, made me more vocal and also receptive to what others had to say, leaving me very openmided. By working together with other groups, I learned problem solving and co-operation tools that are so very valuable in the "real world". I've developed a strong sense of self thanks to the pursuit of higher education. I want to be as great as I can be... It is because of college that I truly believe I can be... GREAT!


Since I have entered college I have learned many good things and strategies to stay in there. But what I can trully say is that been in college has opened my eyes to a new world, a world were everyone knows where they are going and people have dreams and expectations. I have meet many succesful people and I have always thought to myself that when I finish college I want to be succesful like them. College has also thought me never to give up, because there is plenty of help around we just have to reach out and get it. When i entered college everyone told me I was not even going to finish the first semester but here I am choosding to better myself and trying to be an example to people who are around me.


For me there was no real transition, i began college while i was going to high school when i was a sophmore. After two terms i transfered fully into college and got my diploma.


I would tell myself you need to go to college right out of high schoool their is no time to wait . Education is important to success in life. Knowing what I know now getting that high end career will only happen if I stay in school . I would have to remember that education is the key to success. As a high school senior I wanted to travel or work on a cruise ship, these things would not have lasted very long. As a young senior we all just want money coming in but if I had been smarter at that time I would have gone back to college right away. Students need to be educated about their choices so they will not make some of these mistakes that I seem to have made.


Be yourself. Dont let anything get in your way and always shine at anythin gyou do no matter whose in the room.


First, i would tell myself what i thought about college in high school being easy and parties all the time is much more different. But, in the real world nothing comes without something coming back at you. You have to be ready to make hard descisions. That could possible led you to great success or bad ones but still live with the desicion you made. Take the SAT test over and over again try to get higher scores each time. Have A and B in the courses you take. Take challenging courses colleges like that. If you have the time try to participate in any extracurriclar activities. When teachers tell you to start applying for college you start. After your have to try at least apply for five or more scholarship out there, it is better to have alot of money lefted over than having none at all. not applying for colleges i really wanted to attend makes me regret that i didnt at least try to apply. If possible start talking to your parents about setting up an account at a bank. Work for the summer and start collecting money for college. Its never a bad idea.


In high school I took my education for granted, I grew up in a large family in a low-income environment, due to my parent having little education. So schooling wasn't stressed upon as much as just getting a job and paying bills. I had no idea that my education level would play such a major factor in my mental and financial stability. 10 years ago I was able to go out and apply for a job within my skill level, eg. (manufacturing, production, warehouse) and would get them mainly because the demand wasn't that high everyone was employed and there were plenty of employment opportunities. Now due to the economy any job that I have tried to apply for there is a demand and multiple people are applying. The job usually goes out to the individual with the most education. Degrees put you a step further in the selection process. Which lead to higher paying jobs Now that I'm 34 years old and now attending Central New Mexico University for the first time. I love the college experience, I would have done it years ago, who knows where I might have been now.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school student, I would stress the importance of scholarships. I would prepare myself for the work, the professors, the organization, and the way college works. I feel, if I was not the first in my family to go to college then the transition would have been much more smooth. School is my life and without school the opportunity to make my dreams come true are slim to none. Getting my school paid for is a very stressful but important part in my life. Scholarships are my goal for the rest of my college education.


If I could go back in time and give myself some advice on the transition to college I would say, not to be afraid. There's nothing to worry about all you need to do is work hard and never give up. it may seem tuff at times but know that you can make it through all you hafe to do is believe in yourself, and never be afraid to ask for help. Also I would tell myself about all the resourses available when ever you need them.


If i could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior knowing what i know now about college. I would tell myself to pay attention better to what teachers are saying, take all the notes you can and go over them each day after class whether it be at home, lunch time, or any free time i have. Note-taking and understanding what one is reading is very important in college. I would also tell myself to start learning how to get homework and other assignments done on time because in college not very many instructors if any will accept any late work what so ever. Show up everyday for class because attendance is very important in succeeding in college. If you don't understand how to properly write or cite papers ask your teachers while you can so you may be ready to enter college knowing how to properly write and cite papers so there is no accusement of plagiarism. If you can just show up for class, take well developed and organized notes, ask all the questions you might have, and learn to comprehend and understand all the material that is given. You will succeed!


Find help and just do it! There are people at your high school and at the colleges that can guide and support you. It's natural and appropriate to have anxiety about moving on, it shows it's important and that you care about doing well. Use the resources that are available to ask questions, and to even ask what questions you don't know enough to ask yet! Most importantly, choose a path that excites you and ignore the earnings potential for now. I spent 20 years making a lot of money and none of the stuff I bought (and there was a LOT of stuff) made any difference to my happiness or contentment or satisfaction with myself. I'm giving all the stuff away now. If your parents are telling you you need a steady, respectable career, tell them they're lying! They think that will bring you happiness, but they've been deceived. It brings food and a roof, is that what's most important to you? Have fun, get help, stick it out! Have fun, get help, stick it out!


I first started to attend a two-year community college, but only attended one semester and didn?t do as well as I thought I could do. But that was all in the past. If I were to go back in time to my senior year in high school I would tell myself to reconsider going to that community college I used to attend and consider about joining the college that I wish to attend now. I would also tell myself that I would need to get my license as quickly as possible because I got my learner?s permit a few months after I turned eighteen as a form of identification so I could visit my grandparents in Henderson, NV. I would also tell myself to atleast look into getting a part-time job while I'm still in high school so I can make some of my own money to pay for a few things that I would like now as I am unemployed at the moment and am looking for a full-time job so I can pay for my own college funds.


I would have told myself to not stress so much about the transition from High School to College. College allows a lot more freedom and that eliminates some stress. I would have also made it clear not to slack off because it is easy to fall behind and that can really hurt your chances at scholarships and in student ranking when wanting to graduate.


preform your best in each class that you are in take extra classes, do extra community service try for all of the grants and schalarships that you can go for work with both schools get the credits that you can for college use the dule credit program it will pay off in the long run with providing you a head start and you can cut out at least a half a year of the work you would need to do for your life and do your best work posible don't procratinate take all of the notes that you can cause they may become handy in your college work for reference with your science work for shur and your math


I f I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I'd give myself this advice about making the transition to college. "Make the same choice that you made then, to join the military after high school, the military taught you the disclipline for being a good student. Don't wait so long to go to college, it's much easier the younger you are. Be ready to focus hard and work long nights studying, take responsibility for your studies, don't procastinate with assignments! Admit early in a semester what you don't understand and ask for help as often as you need to. Make every effort to attend each class and walk into class prepared to learn; be rested, have your books, notebooks, pencils, calculator and so on with you at each class which needs those. Understand that college can be expensive and that your income may decrease in order to attend school, live within your budget. Read the course descriptions well before enrolling in a class and ask yourself questions about the class. Last, don't give up, an education is worth every minute put into it."


I would tell myself to go to A 2 year college and specialize in Computer Information Systems. Also not to take out a student loan. It is helpful but you only need a little money to go to a Community College. The transition between High School and College is not that Difficult. You are smart enough and adaptable enough to succeed in going from one to the other.


If I could go back to my high school years and talk to myself the only thing I would tell myself is to value my education. When I was in school I never strived to have excellent grades I just coasted to the average. When I got to college I had to take remedial classes which was embarrassing because I knew I could to better than average because I am not an average person. That is always the one thing I regret from high school, that I didn't take it seriously. I also think one of the reasons was No Child Left Behind, this left teachers and administrators to push to pass their students just to get money for the school and to do that they in turn forgot to value education which was so disappointing. At the same time I am glad I took the path that I have in life, I was so lost at one point in what to do with my life but I never quit going to school and now I am excited that I have one more semester to get my associates degree and will still go on to furthur my education.


If I could go back in time I would tell myself how hard life would be without a good solid education and training in a strong field. I would tell myself that it is a very bad idea to move out of my parents home during my freshman year in college. If a person has a chance to live at home they should take it because once you go out into the world and try to work and study, school will always suffer before work because you depend on the paycheck to pay the bills. I would tell myself to study hard and when offered tutoring to take it. I would tell myself to get an education before I try to settle down into a family life because going to school with two small children and a household to run is very challenging. I would tell myself not to take student loans unless I absolutely need them and NOT to use them for a trip to Cancun for spring break because they will haunt you forever, if you dont keep up your payments. I am doing well in college as an older student, but its very challenging this time around.


Don't be discouraged. Ever. I know you have all these grand ambitions set out for your academics, your social life, and the channeling of your passions into actual causes, and that you tend to get disappointed when your efforts don't bear fruit immediately. Understand that the seeds you scatter take time to produce the appropriate results. So when you're pulling that first all-nighter, gaining those first five pounds from late-night campus food, and rolling into your 8 a.m. class in the same clothes you fell asleep in yesterday, don't be overwhelmed. Take that nap, go for a quick workout in between classes, and grab a coffee - you can do this! At the same time, understand that the first step you take on to campus is not going to instantly change you. It takes willpower and commitment to shed those deeply embedded, nasty habits and to grow as both a student and a person. Any day is a good day to start over, but you have to keep pushing and stretching yourself to make that new beginning worth it.


On several occasions, I have reflected on myself as a high school student. When I take into consideration what I have come to learn about seeking a college education, I cannot help but wish someone would have provided me with advice prior to beginning this journey. I currently two semesters away from earning my associates degree in general studies. During the time that I have been enrolled in college I have learned so much about how to be succesfull, as well as unsuccesfull in college. I have determined certi


I would tell myself to study harder. Not to slack off the first year of college, and to apply for scholarships at the begining of my college carrer rather than the end.


My High School self was reluctant to go to college for personal reasons at the time. If I could go back and talk to him I would tell him to do it, I had an option at that time to move across country and start over at a new school. I should have done so then. I would have said to go, get the core requirements out of the way, take a few classes to see what you would like and then go for it. I may be older now but I still realize education is more important than anything as a key to getting a better job. I would definitely tell my younger self what I am in, the benefits of getting in earlier than I did currently and tell him no matter what to not lose hope. Classes may get frustrating or hard, but the reward is amazing once you accomplish what you set out to do.


The advice i would give myself is that when in college you are the one responsable for yourself. the teachers do not hold your hand in college like they did in high school. they will not ride you for your homework, they dont care if you do it or not. i would also tell myself that there is total freedom in college so dont abuse it because it will come back and bit you. but the most inportant advice i would give is have fun enjoy college. Show up to class,work hard,study hard and just remember this is your future your working for and if you dont know what you want to do for the rest of your life its okay. take many different classes try new things. take the time you need to find what best fits you. trust me it will find you sooner or later.


I would advise myself to try a variety of elective courses during high school and keep my options open. I would also advise myself not to take time off between high school and college.


I probably would have told myself to keep working at school so that I can get into UNM with my other friends and go straight for my goal in college.