Champlain College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


We are a small, career-focused (bordering on obsessed) school that's biggest goal is to give you an education not only in your field of study, but in liberal arts that will help in any career path.


There are the most awesome people here.


Champlain is a small campus located in downtown Burling, Vermont with lots of shopping and restaurants within walking distance.


Perfectly situated, both in location and status, to provided excellent education and opportuities.


stereo-typical vermont. relaxed. a bit like high school


Champlain College feels like home as soon as you step onto campus, there is plenty to do down town, people are extremely friendly.. but it is VERY COLD here!!


Champlain College is a small, largely creative school focused on connecting what you learn in acedemics to the real world and growing to become a better overall citizen.


Champlain College is an environmentally friendly and very open school. It's small and tight-knit with around 2000 students. The dorms are nice, many are in old victorian mansions. Drug use and drinking are very common, at least among freshmen. Champlain has a wide variety of majors from criminal justice and teachine to video game design and development.


Champlain College is a career-focused four year school with small classes.


Champlain College is soon to be the mini Harvard of Vermont.


My school is a great place for people with creative minds to learn


Champlain college is a small closely knit school located in a college town with a large university


Champlain College is a friendly unbeat community with a beautiful campus, generally small student body, and dedicated staff.