Champlain College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


When I tell my friends about my school, I mostly brag about the benefits of small class sizes. At Champlain, students are more closely involved with their professors and classmates thanks to a comfortable student-teacher ratio. Professors are highly regarded professionals in their fields, and they are able to uniquely tailor learning in the familiar and friendly classroom environments. I know that my professors are invested in my education, and if I require assistance, they are interested in bolstering my learning experience with their advice.


I usually tell people about the three-dimentional education system Champlain uses, as well as the beautiful and vivacious atmosphere the campus and Burlington have.


Many aspects of my school are worthy to brag about, but I tend to accentuate our dorm rooms and our upside-down curriculum. Each dorm room is uniquely designed and instead of residing in cell-like square rooms, we are lucky enough to call renevated Victorian houses our own. Each room is different with around four floors in each house and NO communal bathrooms! Along with our wonderful dorms our unique curriculum lets you jump right into your major even in your first year of school. Many schools make you wait until your last few years to declare your major.


game design/animation major


I've met my best friends here.


I tell them how Champlain is known to the students as "Camp Champ", since it's like going to camp sometimes.