Chandler-Gilbert Community College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


CGCC is home.


Chandler-Gilbert community college is a place where students can expect to learn in a positive environment, with small class sizes, teacher-student relationships, and with many excellent resources open to all students and provided by the school.


The location of the college is a fun and safe enivornment. And the buildings are a peice of art itself, and the staff are colorful in their teaching techinques.


Chandler-Gilbert Community College has flexible hours and provides assistance to students academically and financially.


Chandler-Gilbert Community College is a modern campus that can either be a bridge between high school and a university or a school where one can get their associates degree.


Chandler-Gilbert Communit y College is a small college conveniently located in Gilbert/Chandler Arizona. It offers wide variety of classes for those who are looking for a vocational career, looking to satisfy prerequisite classes to transfer to a university or acquire an associates/bachelors degree.(in some areas). It is a nice campus with helpful staffing that makes it comfortable and easy to admit, apply for FAFSA and obtain advisement.