Chandler-Gilbert Community College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Education and Academic Friendly


Our baseball team.


Chandler-Gilbert Community College is best known for being a starting point for students who wish to eventually transfer to one of the in-state 4 year universities, and also for it's program known as the ACE+ Program. This scholarship program helps high school students with General Education classes, giving them a jumpstart in their higher education.


I believe our school is known for our athletics and our honor students. The boy's soccer team and baseball team is very well known. We have many honors students, myself included and I think that Chandler Gilbert prides themselves on their students.


For all of the frees resources avalible for students to use to help them out with their classes during the semester


In my opinion, my school is best known for its accreditation from the HLC. Chandler Gilbert Community College is a two-year undergraduate school for those who associate degrees, diplomas, and most of all, transfer programs to get into a four-year undergraduate programs. Although most two year colleges offer but most students go to CGCC because it is relatively inexpensive and the courses are transferable.