Chandler-Gilbert Community College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


At chandler Gilbert it is literally my second home. I spend mostr of my time here, with my my friends. I am almot done with my associates degree, and I am only 16 years old. The time has gone by fast but i have made a lot of friends here and I absolutely love this school, its environment and the teachers that work here. They are so helpful and I love how they are always willing to help when you are struggling with something.


Sports because I Play Basketball here and I'm really excited for next year because i decided to redshirt this year and start playing next year.


I wouldn't say I "brag" about my school, but I tell them about the other students at our school. I enjoy the people I go to school with and I admire the teachers that teach there as well. I've gotten along with all of my teachers and I have looked up and respected all of them.


I brag about the amazing faculty and the size of the campus.


I will often tell them how interactive the classes are, the professors who have Ph.d / Masters and their unique ways of teaching. The material learned at college is different from what was taught back in high school and everyone is open minded and welcome different opinions. It's just a different atmosphere than that of regular high school and middle school enviroment.


That I go to one of the nicest community colleges in the phoenix area and that all my teachers are great!


The teachers are helpful and want students to succeed.


I like how small the classes are. It feels almost like high school. You have more free time to work on homework, at a job, or hang out with friends. There are two campuses, both are very nice. The faculty is nice and helpful. The buildings and facilities are nice and up to date.


When I tell my friends about my college, I brag about how everyone on campus is friendly. All of the teachers I met are interested in you and your school work. The staff cares about the school, and wants you to have a great experience.