Chandler-Gilbert Community College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would talk to my past self about joining the honors program at the community college before my first semester so that I can apply for that specific scholarship. This would save me money for when I transfer in fall 2015 to the university of my choice. I would also tell myself to join the Phi Theta Kappa Honors society at the community college while still in high school, if possible, so that I would be in a good position for one of the scholarships offered by my university of choice. College is expensive and I have a lot of it left if I am going to become a Physician's Assistant so any money I can save in any time or place will help me immensely. I would also tell my high school self that I should keep going with my studies and working hard because I am already practicing skills that will help me in college. Some of the practices put me at a higher level then those who have been college students longer than me because they have to learn those skills that I have already been practicing. I hope that I would listen to myself.


I would basically tell myself not to be afraid or intimidated by college its a whole different better experience then high school without all the drama. I feel that my college makes decisions on my behalf and shows me that iu can get a higher education without fail. I kept worrying about how i was going to pay for college since my mom is a single parent on disability i felt that i had to find a way in order to provide for her with my education. I can do that and there is always financial aid and jobs i can take beside scholarships i can apply for my family isnt rich but even my own mom disabled with rhuematoid arthritis found a way to put herself through school to get a great job in banking before she became ill and couldnt work, she is an inspiration to me to always work hard no matter what yoor situation. I am working hard to do that and even though in high school we think we know it all i didnt and i am brave enough to register and enroll in school and go after my dream of becoming a physical therapist.


Be open to making new friends for the people you are familiar with in high school will sooner or later drift away. Also study for a career you know you would be happy with and successful at. Do not worry if it does take more time than expected. And lastly do not depend on the Adivisors guidance. Most likely they will tell you to take classes you do not need. Instead go to the head of the department. They will definitely know which courses you should take.


If I were to go back in time and give advice to myself as a high school student, I would tell myself to keep doing an amazing job, and to keep a positive outlook on life. I would however remind myself to stay organized and to constantly be ahead, and to plan for future deadlines. College is an amazing opportunity and we should never fall behind. I have learned so much over the past two years, and I wouldn't want myself to miss any of it. I would add though that it is important to stay in tune with yourself and your family. I have learned a lot at this college and it has truly become my second home and family. I have loved it here, but if I hadn't been doing everything I was supposed to be doing to make the best of my college years than I would have failed miserably and I would be so depressed. One last piece of advice to my past self, is to never give up; the classes get hard, and life does get busy, but constantly remind yourself why you are here, and always remember what your priorities are.


Making good friends helps making attending college a lot easier. Because there are so many transient students in community college, it's difficult to make that connection. So I would work harder to make friends by being more involved with activities on campus. I would have considered more leadership roles as well as taken part in more community outreach events. I would have also sought out resources that were available to me, particularly internships. I would have made a more concerted effort in taking advantage of all the resources available, especially the free academic workshops on campus.

Mary Katherine

The advice I would give myself is do not act like you are better than every body else in this world because having a persnickety attidtude will not get you far in life especially professionally. To not mess around academically because education is very important for yourself and for in the work force. Do not be the same person for the rest of your life become a better person and know you can acheive anything if you put your mind to it.


If i could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, i would telll myself that college for the first two years is high school all over again. I would have tried harder to stay on top of my grades and tried to pay more attention during math class. Math has always been a weak spot for me and in high school i just did what i could to get through it. Now that i have practically finished all of my schooling and i look back on it, i realize that that things would have gone a lot smoother. I would have also told myself that i needed to apply for more scholarships because i have been paying for school all by myself. Though i am not even close to paying it off, i have student loans i will be hacking away at when i finish school in the spring of 2015. I would motivate myself to have done so much more my senior year. It's your last year of high school and your last year of free education. Then i graduate and go to community college to pay for it all over again?


The advice I would had given myself is to understand the easy and hard math concepts so during my first year of college I would have done better on my math tests. Also when I was in my sophmore and senior englsih classes to have better writing in my essays and make them make senese. In ENG 101 and ENG 102, in college essays need to be checked for everything and the paper has to flow together and make senese.


Dear high school me, #1. APPLY FOR SCHOLARSHIPS, seriously. Get a job. College is more expensive than you're fooling yourself into believing. Student debt sucks, and since you're trying to go overseas - you're going to be buried in it. Do things for yourself, and your dreams. #2. Study, dude. Study, study, study. Even if you don't "have" to, study. Get into the great habit of studying every night so that your college self (me) knows by now not to cram the night before a huge BIO exam. (All of which I've failed, btw). Do these things for yourself. I promise you no matter how tedious or unimportant it seems to your right now, it isn't. You'll be better off in the future and you won't be spending all your weekends applying for scholarships - scholarships you should have filled out already. Be happy, love yourself, XO. Freshman Year you. P.S. College is great. The people are great. Don't let me discourage you. Follow your dreams.


Going to college can be a frightening thing for a high student. I feel if I could go back to myself as a high school senior would tell myself to research ahead. It's so important to start looking for careers, jobs, majors, financial aid, and much more earlier rather than later. By doing this I feel my senior self would be in a better financial situation as well as known my amazing major earlier. Discovering who you really are comes with the experience of college. Being able to let things happen and learn from your rights and wrongs will and have made up who we all are. I think its vitual for, not only my high school senior self but also any high school senior, to know that it is ok to live and learn and discover and enlighten yourself through your college life.


Although, what I might say is to become more responsible. In addition, I would also tell myself to become more dedicated to my education instead of just enjoying life's "day to day adventure." But, as I said, that is what I might say. As I grow up more every day and experience college and look back on my past. I see many mistakes and trials that I could have avoided or made a better decision. Even though, I do not regret any of them. Most people have heard the quote that mistakes are lessons in life. That is true for me, I would not want to give myself in the past any advice because I do not want to change anything. The person I am today and as I continue to grow is all because of my past. With that, I appreciate my past and the only advice, if anything, would be to just keep doing your own thing. I could not be happier the way I am because it is who I am meant to be. I made my past and now I shall focus on my present too make a better future.


Once you become a college student you will feel very mature and very scared all at the same time. Stop pretending your dumb to get the approval of everyone else, in college you will be admired for your sparkiling wit. On your first day of college you will feel a little overwelmed and lost, just breath and take your time getting to know your new school. Make sure you are looking at a Libral Arts degree not an Early Childhood Education degree. The Early Childhood Education degree is for those brave people who can handle preschoolers and daycares, not you who wants to teach Kindergarten. While in college you will find many friends and people to hang out with and talk to. You will also find the love of your life in a Theatre class. Some of the High School friends you have now or people you know of will become the closest people to you. Get rid of Nikki before she gets a chance to harm you. She dosn't trust you. Never let Ariel out of your heart always be there for her, and she is there for you now just open your eyes and see her.


I would say go right to school now dont wait an find something you love to do. dont wait an see all the people around you do nothing with there lives. do whats best for you an you only! go out there go to school find a good job find a nice place you would like to live find the girl of your dreams have kids an live a happy life not having to have to think WHAT IF!!! thanks for the opertunity to voice my words an i hope you pick me because i need all the help i can get right now!


Alot i would tell my self that college isn't a joke and your out here on your own. And never take things for granted and always keep your mind on god and have a clear mind on what you have to accomplish to succeed in college and in life.


My senior year of high school was in 2000. I am what they call an "adult student", but finally followed my dream of becoming a nurse. I recently passed my LPN boards, and am on my way of receiving my RN. Although I am 30 years old, and there are still many life lessons ahead of me, I do know much more now than as a high school senior. If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself that the $10/ hour job is NOT the best you can do. I would tell myself that you are smarter then you give yourself credit for and to listen to your heart and become a nurse. I would tell myself that the best things in life don't come easy, and to stop putting the hard things (college) off. Most importantly, I would tell myself that these college years have taught me more about myself then I have ever imagined. I have discovered who I am meant to be and have met some amazing patients and instructors who have changed my life forever, and I am just getting started.


I know that, if you're reading this, there has been a major discovery of time travel of some sorts. I just want to let you know that times are hard right now. You have always been required to make it on your own. However, there will be a day when things get better. You are intellegent and perfectly capable of graduating from this school early, just as you had hoped. There will be a day when life outside of school becomes worse than it already is. On that day, you will face two options: run away and drop out of school or stay and hope that the person who is trying to hurt you will eventually go away. I want you to know that he has no power in your life and no way to harm you. Keep fighting for your right to live outside of the walls of the ghetto. You will become so much more than you have ever imagined with the help of some very special people who are willing to prove their love. You're going to make it - just hold on.


Peice of mind, secuity, and hope, is what i have gotten out of my college expreience. The piece of mind that I will be able to find a job in a econimy that is suffering. The security that my career will pay the bills and my children will have the very best of what they deserve. Finally the hope that I will be a good example for the way I hope my children will be able to follow. All the things in a persons life that is hard, can be eaised with an education, money, shelter, and self-worth. It has been valuable for me to attend because I now have the confidence that I can do anything I set my mind to. I value Every thing college has to teach me, not only the education of my feild, but life skills.


College has given me a chance to change and grow as a person. It has influenced the way I look at the world, and the way I relate to people.


So far I learned so much in college. Not only am I learning important facts about the world around me, but also information that I can apply in my daily life. I have learned about people's actions in soceity as well as people's actions in societies where the culture is much different than mine. Because I have been taught so much about other culture, I now have a new found respect for cultural differences. At Chandler-Gilbert, I have also learned the importance of education and how I can benefit the most from my college experience. Over the past few months I have recognized some things I can do to make sure I am learning as much as possible in college. First and foremost, I realize that in each class I have to be 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} present, physically and mentally, engaging in conversation and exploring various topics of discussion. The great discussions I have participated in within my classes, has taught me to listen and respect others' opinions and challenge my own. With this knowledge that I have learned in college I believe I can be successful throughout the rest of my college career, as well as life after.


I would tell myself to start applying for scholarships earlier and to also get a feel for what I would like to do in the future. If I could have been able to take classes and join different clubs that I had an interest in, instead of working and babysitting all the time, it might have been a lot easier to choose a major and to get money for school - instead of struggling. I would also tell myself to have gone out to college campuses earlier, like ASU and U of A to get a feel for the large university, since that would have prepared me to go into a smaller college and move onto one of those larger universities, preferably ASU. On the other hand, I would tell myself to still enjoy my senior year, to have fun and keep up my grades, even though that was never a problem.


Keep grades satisfactory throughout high school. Have a list of desired schools in mind, and request information from those institutions. Make sure that the college fits personal preferences. Schedule visits to school(s) that gain interest for tours. Once a final decision has been made, fill out the necessary paperwork, and keep track of ALL deadlines. Deadlines are strict; any documents sent in after the deadline will likely be rejected by the university. Keep track of the status of applications. Fill out the FAFSA and any other scholarships. Even if one doesn?t qualify, apply anyway ? there is help for everyone. Take the SAT and ACT tests, and have scores sent to potential colleges. Practice taking these tests throughout high school. High scores on the SAT/ACT could mean exemptions from taking entry tests, and beginner college courses. Once you are accepted, and begin your first semester, it is important to attend classes daily and be on time. Study time is essential to success in college. Find a quiet place to concentrate and focus thoughts. Staying on top of responsibilities is something that must be done on your own ?parents are not around to remind you to do your homework.


Back when I was in high school, I believed that appearance was everything. I wanted to wear name brand clothes and try to be like everyone else. I assumed that I was going to go to a university right out of high school and that I would be ready for it. Now I know that appearance isn't everything. I know that everyone at my school is different than the next person, and I like that better than having everyone be the same. I enjoy being myself and not worrying about what others think of me. They can accept me if they want to or not. I would have told myself it is okay not to go to a university right away, it doesn't make you less smart, less important, or less successful. I would have told myself mom and dad don't have enough money to send you to a university, so don't be angry with them. I would have said you may think you are ready to leave home, but you aren't. Finally, next year I will be going to a university and leaving home. I am ready to move on to bigger things!


Enjoy it while it last! If I could just say that to myself as a high school senior I think I would have a better perspective of high school. I would tell myself to apply for more scholorships, as it is what will get me through school.


I would tell myself to be sure that I focus on studying mathematics, so my SAT score would be higher. I would tell myself to forget the parties and just study so I can make it to a four year university. I would tell myself to never give up no matter how hard life got and no matter how impossibly next week's trigonometry test looked. I would go back and tell myself that life gets better and to never, ever give up.


The most important advice I can offer myself is try harder and don't give up. I've lost many scholarships opportunities when I was a senior simply because I didn't take advantage of it and thought it was too hard. Now I regret it, but learn to try harder and grab at every opportunity that comes my way. Another important advice I will weld into my brain is never procrastinate, it's a bad habit that will always be a downfall. I've learned to stop my procrastination and create a schedule and stick to it, but sadly it wasn't until I was in college.


Dont try taking on a unbearable amount of work, start small and work your way up so you dont fail and feel discouraged to keep going on with your education. Learn your priorities, once you know the order of importance of all the things you need to do you can then manage your time. With time management you can get the most out of all of your time and stay productive.


Now that I am currently in my second year in college at Chandler Gilbert Community College I have learned quite a few life lessons that I will carry with me for the rest of my life, some I wish I knew before I entered the "grown-up world" so that I may use them to my advantage through my first few college years. If I had the ability to go back in time and visit my pre-college self I would have many words of advise including one rule I live by that "practice makes perfect". When first started college I would constantly beat myself up over the little imperfections that went into my papers. With time I learned that the teachers where there to help me learn how to properly perform certain task and were not there to scrutinize my weaknesses. Another suggestion I would give to my former self would be to SAVE money. Currently I work a full time job in order to pay for classes; if I would have initially put money aside to go to college my current situation would have been completely different for the better.


I would first remind him how much time he has wasted not doing anything to prepare himself for his future. Instead of being unproductive and assuming his parents were gonna do everything for him, he should have been looking up scholarships, schools, and careers that he might be interested in. I would tell him not to let personal relationships with girls let them bring down your emotions to the point where you don't want to finish your education because you think that there's nothing else to look forward to. Education, and You, are the most important things in the world. If you live for somebody else than you are sure not going to end up happy or being successfull. Last, I'd tell him to believe in himself and if there's something you want in your life go out and get it, no questions.


The last year of high school is completely overwhelming. Please enjoy every moment. The last year is almost over so do as many extra curricular activities as possible. This will help with any scholarship and college acceptances. Take the SATS/ACTS, get a tutor if needed. Next, start looking into colleges and degree programs. No one in my family went to college , this doesn't mean I can't go. Don't get overwhelmed by the cost of college because scholarships will come if you work for them. Get motivated by talking to college counselors and attending college fairs. This will give insight about making the college dream possible. Do not listen to negative people around saying i'm not college material. Just because no one in the family ever graduated high school, don't sell yourself short after graduation. Knowing now that people you hang around affect you, hang out with people who are going to college. This keeps the motivation at a high but also gives guidance. I went into college blind sided and unprepared, I would go into the transition better motivated and confident knowing what I know now.


If I miraculously went back in time and saw myself as a high school senior the first piece of knowledge I would tell myself is money is not everything. When I was in high school, I wanted to major in business. Not because this was my passion, but because I was just thinking about making money and how to make lots of it. I would tell my past self that now I work a business type job and even though I am making a pretty decent amount at my job, I dread going to work everyday. Even if I end up being the CEO of this company and work for this company for the rest of my life, I would not be happy. I would paint a picture in my past self?s mind of living a life where you spend the majority of your life going to work and hating it. Then when you grow up, you realize you lived a life that you did not want to live.


Well, considering that I AM a high school senior right now, I can't really say about transition. So far, being a high school senior and a college sophomore, I have found that college isn't really that hard. Yes, you have to work harder because the classes are in half the time that you're used to, but I have found that I really enjoy college. You have more free time as long as you don't procrastinate your assignments. As far as the moving out on your own and "off to college," I have yet to experience. I will find out this summer, as will all of my senior peers.


If i were to go back in time, i would tell myself to do everything you could to apply for scholarships and talk to more advisors about financial aid. Also i would tell myself to go after the college i wanted instead of settling for what seemed easier. I would make myself push harder into making the college i wanted to go to work out. If i were to meet myself as a senior, i would tell my self to work harder in school. It is easier to get into schools if you have good grades. There are more opportunities for scholarships if you have good grades.


Go to college after high school and not wait 16 to 17 years later to attend college and make a good life for your self.


The most important aspect to think about is it does matter what you do in high school! From your gpa, to SAT/ACT scores, to what classes you take, they matter! Get a scholarship, work hard, take college classes if available. Do anything you can to make your life easier in college. Also don't worry about leaving old friends and people you know, you'll meet new people. You will make new friends and you won't completely lose touch with those closest to you.


The first thing I would tell myself is it's okay to be funny. I wish I had said half the things I was thinking in high school but I was too afraid to say them because I was so concerned with what people were thinking about me. I would tell myself that it is not a problem to not have your life figured out by graduation but it is a problem to not care about grades at all. Grades are not just about which college you can get accepted to, they're also about the opportunities that will be available once you decide your direction. College is about making your life what you want it to be and nothing less, it's a time to recieve the education and skills that will benefit you for the rest of your life. The transition is easier as soon as you realize that college is about more than just an education, it's about growing up and becoming the person you want to be.


If I were to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would first ask myself, "What do you want your future to look like?" A high school students future beins with graduating high school. The average high school student does not think of the long-term affects of what they do or do not do in high school. High school years are meant for growing, learning to interact with peers and teachers on a more independent level to ease them in to their college experince. Secondly, I would ask myself, "How will you take care of yourself once you are out of your parents home?" The average high school student is dependent on their parents for all of their needs. Most high school students in 2010 are of the thinking that their parents will always have the necessary means physically, mentally and financially to support them through anything and do not consider special circumstances. So, in light of the above, I would tell mysef to, finish high school, begin my independence by taking control of my future, learn to manage my time wisely and always respect myself and my parents.


After graduation, you will be one step closer to one of your goals in life: your dream career. Having your dream career means you have to work hard to get what you want. College is not like high school where teachers can forgive you or give you detention if you skip. College will treat you as an adult and as an adult, you have to choose the path you wish to go on. Time is a valuable thing in life; before you know it, you have already wasted two years of your life doing nothing but going to another path of your road or even making a U-turn. So, think about your accomplishments that you already achieved and think about how much potential you have. Don't waste your life by foolish mistakes, such as: missing classes, procrastinating on homework and projects, sleeping in class. Instead, try to stay on task, ask for help, and use your potential to seek for more. Life cannot give you lemons for free, you have to work hard to achieve them.


Dear high school Tiffany,Life is not filled with guarantees. You make your own destiny and your own luck. You will need to work hard and preserver to achieve your academic and career goals. A strong solid education is something no one can ever take away from you. Regardless of the lack of support you may have a higher education will benefit you in the long run. There will be many obstacles, forks in the road and unforeseen circumstances; when everything else seems unstable your education, your degree is something that will never be taken away from you and will help you provide for yourself and your family down the road.


The people at college are more mature than high school. People will mock your points of weakness but do not let them. Take your stand! Give your opinion! When you are in need of counseling look to your friends, or to teachers. Ask yourself what you can do to better yourself in your academic career. Focus on your studies because while everyone may do something you wish you could do, you have qualities you have that they don't: self-control, respect for your future, plans, and focus. Let yourself relax in between studies. Do not be afraid of peers and their ideals of a perfect student, what you think of yourself and constantly making sure you are in check makes you the ideal student in your eyes.


Well, I can't really say. I am one of those unique college students who is still in high school. I am a dual enrolled student. I am a senior in high school and a sophomore in college. I haven't really had to worry about the transition of moving out yet.


Don't be stupid!! It doesn't matter if everyone else is going to ASU. You can explore what you want at a Community College since it is much cheaper. You will probably change your major a number of times and ASU is not the place for that. While it is nice being out on your own, you will start to miss home... especially the food... and the lack of hip-hop/rap music blaring from your neighbors dorm. You may think that taking the bus to work in downtown Phoenix isn't that big of a deal... but at 10 o'clock at night, it IS. Stop being so conserned about other people and what's "cool" and focus on YOU. Love, The Furture You.