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St.John's Unviersity ranked one of the top best colleges with an affordable private education. Also each student receives a free laptop with three different options. St. John's rewards their student with many scholarships for academic excellence and just for transferring to their school.


I HATE this school. I wish I would have NEVER gone here, but here I am a Junior, and there is no where to run. Once I am out, I will spread the word about this school. The pictures are full of hypocritical smiles and laughs. They are laughing at YOU if you give money to this school. If I complain, or write a bad review of a professor, they know who you are even though they say they don't know. Of course they do, because they know who did not fill out the forms. But WORSE, THEY READ YOUR MAIL ON YOUR COMPUTER AND WATCH WHAT YOU DO. THIS IS A MIND CONTROL SCHOOL. RUN RUN RUN AWAY


its a christian school thats very awesome


This school is focus on provide a Christian enviroment well learning about different couses. The school is one of the top Christian schools in South Carolina


It has a friendly atmosphere, it is a smaller religious school and it has the same mission statement, verbatum, as my high school. (Promoting academic excellence in a Christian environment.)


It is a Christian University.


The uniqueness about my school is that we are a christian school. We base everything around doing things the christian way.


My school is a private Christian university