Clark University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Clark University is a school that is sounds much better than it does on paper than it translates into real life.


A community of driven, progressive young adults instigating change in the word around them and in themselves in a foward direction, guided by mentoring faculty memebers who provide the tools for them to follow their endeavors and become who they want to be.


Clark University is a place where students come to excell in their respected fields of study.


Clark is a challenging, caring, liberal school with outstanding academics and "meaningful extracurricular activities and experiences that helps students take learning into their own hands, experience diverse cultures and make a difference in the world."


Clark University is an academically rigorous school that is very accepting of diverse communities. There is a big push at this college for everyone's voice to be heard regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, etc. Also, the professors go out of their way to help their students do well, and to get to know them. For example, near the end of my first year seminar my professor used one of the class periods to hold a Korean dinner party for us on campus.


Clark is a school full of hippies, jocks, internationals, star trekkies, chorus geeks, ballet dancers, artists, scientists, and ultimate Frisbee players all working hard academically and living happily together on one terrific urban campus in Worcester, Massachusetts.


Clark University is a diverse, enironmentally focused, liberal school with small classes, great academics and a decent community.




liberal, small but lots of people take the liberal thing too far and dont listen; its not academically driven.


Very open to all types of people, fun, exciting.


Crazy, Fun, Liberal ,artistic, and there is always something fun to do on campus, plus the people are amazing and diverse.


Clark is a smaller liberal, with emphasis on the liberal, arts college in a kind of rough area; it's rare that you'll walk around campus and not see someone you know.


Clark is a small, liberal school with people that have lots of different types of thinking who have a passion for a particular cause or issue; they pursue these passions through academics, student research or extracurriculars. There are people who do sports, but sports do not dominate the campus.


Clark University is crazy, fun, challenging, exciting, and weird.


Small safe school with a lot of green space in the center of a big city.


I can do it in one word: Friendly


Very liberal and commited to its values.