Clark University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


The school is best known for both the LEEP scholarship program, and it's five year master's plan. If you apply you have the opportunity to receive a LEEP scholarship and get a full boat. However, the LEEP program is also well known for providing research grants, and scholarships for all sorts of students. In addition to this great program, there is also a five year master's plan. If you attend the university for four years than you have the opportunity to get your master's in your fifth year at a greatly decreased financial cost.


Clark University is known for its amazingly socially aware student body as well as its geography and psycholog departments. The students love to combine different majors and concentrations in new ways in order to prepare themselves to make a positive impact on the world.


This school is best known for Psychology since it was the only school that Sigmund Freud visited in the United States.


Psychology department, Sigmund Freud, challenging convention changing our world.


community involvement


Being the only school in the United States that Freud lectured at.




Being liberal


Clark is quite well known for psych, geography, and its community involvement.