Clark University Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


There is always something happening on campus. Be it Bingo night, a dance (sometimes 2 at the same time) or movie nights, there is always something to do on the weekends. Because of our diverse student population, the school ensures that there is something for everyone to do. There is even a free bus to Boston that students can hop on to if they are without a car and need to get off campus. I am heavily involved with Clark's student government and I like to volunteer at a homeless shelter once a week. There are so many volunteer opportunities around our campus and many organizations who look for college students to help out. Clark does not have a Greek life. I think that it has helped students fit in more and international students feel more comfortable as Greek life could be a bigger culture shock than most people think. Most students attend off campus or house parties during the weekend. There are a couple of clubs and pubs near by that students can go to as well. "Thirsty Thursday" happens every Thursday where kids get a little wild one day before the actual weekend and start partying early. However, you can always find kids who would rather stay in and bake or watch a movie with friends. Like I said, there is something for everybody. Every year there is this event called "Gala Night" where students choose a country they want to represent and choreograph a special dance unique to that country. It is one of Clark's special events. Also, every Spring, "Spree Day" happens. This is when the school picks a day where they randomly cancel class, hire a bunch of fun stuff like a laser tag tent, bouncing castles, a mechanical bull and other carnival-esq activities. It is also a day where students get drunk at 6am and stay drunk for 12 hours. Then again, no one is forced to do anything they are not comfortable with. Personally I like arranging movie nights or monopoly nights for my friends and I. You do not need alcohol to have fun.


Because of the large presence of international students, the ISA is a large club, and their International Gala event is one of the most popular on campus. There's no Greek life, but sports houses and off-campus apartments have enough parties to make up for that. The lack of Greek life also seems to unite the campus a bit more, I've never been to a party that's had a list, or not allowed in because I wasn't dressed skimpy enough. Everybody just wants to have fun. For the size and budget of the school's student planning, the bands and speakers that come are great. In the past decade we've had Kevin Smith, Sapphire (author of Precious), and Hillary Clinton, not to mention an entertaining appearance from recent Bachelorette star and Clark Alum Ali Fedotowsky. As for bands, the school tends to bring in national touring indie acts, such as Dirty Projectors, Dan Deacon, Ted Leo, Girl Talk, Kimya Dawson, Santogold, YACHT, and No Age.