Clark University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


When I talk to friends about Clark University, I most brag about the tightly-knit community of people who accept anyone and everyone. I brag about how welcoming it is and how I was able to be myself without fail. I made the best friends I have ever had.


I tell them about the small classes and the great professors. The small campus is also a highlight.


The open, liberal atmostphere. I love that there are all kinds of students at Clark. Even if some come from conservative or religious backgrounds, the open and liberal feeling on campus allows for all to have respect, and a place. I, myself, align with many types of people, and feel that I am welcomed in many different social groups here at Clark.


The size of the campus is really nice, and the education is more personalized because of small class sizes. The facilities are up-to-date and are put to great use by students.


Whenever someone asks me how I?m enjoying my freshman year at Clark University the biggest smile always appears on my face. I cannot seem to stop gloating about how great Clark has been to me. From the surprisingly good dining hall food, to the unbelievable faculty who bend over backwards to aid students, to the rich and diverse student life, to the restaurants and city life in Worcester, Clark has provided me with the academically challenging education in a small, urban liberal arts school that I had always dreamed of.


I brag about the diversity at my school. There are 91 countries represented and all types of religions, cultures, and backgrounds.


The financial aid is amazing for the size - I never would have expected so much help. Also, the learning environment is one in a million - the students can easily be mistaken for facilitating discussion or leading a lecture. and both your professors and fellow students are extremely helpful in and outside of the classroom. The balance between social and academic life can't be beat either - we're driven scholars, but know when enough is enough and when to relax and hang out.


RAs are cool and rooms are nice


How wonderful the people are that go here.


The active international student population, and Annie's Clark Bruch, the amazing diner on the outskirts of campus.


The professors are awesome and the academics are just challenging enough, but not so challenging I that I never leave the library. We have/do good drugs. Campus apartments are even available to sophomores. I am getting a degree in Geography from the best Geography program in the world. Not just the best in the country, but the world. That is legit.


How friendly it is and how you know everybody and the professors care about you