Clark University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing is that it is so expensive.


The most frustrating thing about Clark University is the food. The dining staff puts in a lot of effort to ensure that we get interesting meals but the quality of the food is often lacking.


It can be very difficult to get anything accomplished to change problems. People have a tendency to talk about what's wrong, but if you want to fix it, nobody wants to hear about it or consider discussing changing the way things are done.


There are no fraternaties or sororites, and social life on weekends is not that great.


I can't get a job on campus. Also, they run the university like a business (this would frustrate me at the majority of universities). Instead of giving me the financial aid and then using my scholarship to make me pay less, they fill in the financial aid after the amount of my scholarship is taken out of my tuition.


Not politically active or concious student body.


Nothing- if anything its the fact that I do not recieve Financial Aid


The most frustrating thing is how the level of difficulty of the classes varies so much. I am struggling a lot in one class, while at the same time, I'm bored out of my mind by how easy another class is.


There are not many religious jews, and no kosher food for me to eat. I do not like the Jewish community.


Because the administration is so layed-back it is sometimes difficult to find answers or get advice on various academic issues.


Worcester can be a dreary city to live in. The winters are depressing and the city is pretty ugly which leaves most of us(those without cars at least) limited to the campus.


Getting the interesting classes you want when you are an underclassman


The class registration process. I understand that there are a lot of students enrolling in classes, but combined with the pressure to get the prerequisite classes that we need in order to graduate and little space in those classes, it is very frustrating for incoming students.