Clark University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I think the overall campus diversity is one of the reasons that make Clark so special. There is a very diverse student body coming from countries all over the world. This allows the students to gain perspective on various topics from a different view. Clark prides itself on being a melting pot of sorts where no matter what your background you are excepted and viewed as a "Clarkie."


The professors at Clark are very passionate about their subjecft matter, and therefore the classes are all very engaging. Clark is a small school, which feels intimate, yet you have as many opportunities as you would at a large university. The best thing about Clark is that they offer a 5th year Masters program tuition free in several fields, including the major I have chosen. To have the opportunity to gain two degrees in 5 years for the tuition price of 4 years of undergrad is a significant value.


The people at Clark are overwhelmingly friendly and optimistic. The campus is very diverse and there are many ways to get involved. During orientation there are upperclassmen who are very willing to help with anything. The relatively small size of the school also helps create a tight-knit community, and people come together to support one another in athletics, arts, and academics. Most people are very casual and relaxed but still serious about finding ways to improve the campus, the nieghborhood, and the world.


Not sure.


I didn't feel any pressure about anything. A little more pressure would have been nice, but I was as involved as I wanted to be. Everyone is very independent, so I had some friends who were very into the school-sponsored events but others who did nothing. There was no pressure to drink or smoke, but if you want to, you definitely can.


The diversity of students because it exposes you to so many different beliefs and lifestyles. Your eyes are opened to see how much more there is to the world besides you.


Good balance between academics and social life


The best thing about my school is the community it creates. Since Clark is located in Worcester, there are so many opportunities to help the surrounding city and the people you meet helping out are incredible.


Clark University is open to all interests of students. I became involved with breakdancing by watching it on television and teaching myself. I started a breakdancing club during high school. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Clark offered a Breakdancing Club that performs locally and nationally. I am currently a member of the group. I also am a member of Hillel. This group offers Jewish programming, holiday celebrations, and programs in Israel. Who would think that a student could combine breakdancing and Judaism on a college campus? If you have an idea, Clark will help intiate a club.




The people I met, they are very interesting and diverse people that I love dearly


It is focused on educating people to be better human beings. It's not just about tests and careers, it's about shaping you into a good person, and getting you to think differently then you have before.


The best thing is the diversity of people, ideas and backgrounds. There are a lot of different types of people here and they are all respected.


My school is very open and accepting of new and different cultures and people. Although it could be even more so, I love that my school is very diverse and has a large number of international students.


The best thing about Clark is the overall environment. There isn't a cut throat academic vibe, but everyone is still there to do well and succeed. If you wanted to, you could get away with sinking into the background, but it's much easier to get involved both academically and in terms of extra curriculars


I love the community involvement that naturally comes into play at Clark. I really love the small class sizes. I have been in classes with six other students from which I have truly gained the most.


The best thing about my school is the academics. I came to school to learn, and that's exactly what I'm doing.