Clarke University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Clarke is best known for their Nursing program. They give you hands on your second year in college and they have get you ready the best way possible to pass the boars once you graduate.


Clarke is best known for the value of the education it offers. There is a variety of different majors that are offered. The offered majors allow for studetns with certain interests to find what they love. Clarke also has multiple sports team that do fairly well.




Clarke College is best known for their student to professor ratio. If is very person and the teachers know almost all of the student's names and faces. Clarke College is also known for their physical therapy program and other great academics programs that are offered.


I believe that Clarke college is best known for its past in being an all women college. I had heard that Clarke takes its education and curriculum very seriously and to attend a comparable school would almost rob me of the liberal arts aspect that they have to offer. Clarke is known to focus the area of education around the student rather than focusing the student around its offerings.


Clarke College, in my mind, is best known for their standards of education in 3 main programs. Physical Therapy (I'm a pre-physical therapy student), Nursing, and Education are all highly rated.