Clarke University Top Questions

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The small class sizes. The PDS in the Education Department.


Clarke is small compared to the other schools I looked at. The professors are interested in their students and want to get to know you. The professors want you to succeed and will do whatever they can to help you to reach your goals.


Clarke is such a small school that it really feels like home. Everyone is so friendly, and people actually seem to care about each other. It's the one college that I felt was doing more than just trying to get my money, and that they genuinely care about me as a person.


Clarke is a school that basis its education on the liberal arts aspect of education. I was put onto Clarke after doing some criminal research in the area of the school. Clarke had the smallest amount of occurrences as compared to other colleges. The staff in the office was very helpful with giving me the information I needed to get started and often times give me the confidence to carry forward with the education process. Everyone I have had to communicate with has always shown some degree of care for the well being of my academic future.


The small size allows for a connection between students, faculty, and staff on a closer level


My school has a small, warm atmosphere and a tradition of compassionate Catholic social service.