Clarke University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Price and how it is going to be all paid for. Coming from a 2-year community college to a 4-year university was quite the jump in price. Lots of aniexty came up when thinking about it back then and even now.


I wish I would have known how much I was going to miss my family. I only live three hours away, but with working here in town it is hard to go home unless on longer breaks that the school offers.


Before I came to Clarke College I wish I had known how important my GPA is. Even one point can make the difference between recieving an academic scholarship or not. I also wish I had realized that dorm life is not what its cracked up to be! Day to day dorm life can be just as stressful as completing assignments and getting ready for finals.


How great it is! I attended another university for one year before transferring here and I love it! It is a little small compared to the state university I came from, but you get to know almost everybody. My only wish would be to have come here right out of high school.


How much debt I would accumulate