Colgate University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?




Mostly, I am proud of the reputation of Colgate University. I love telling my friends that after all of my hard work in school I was accepted into a competitive college. In spite of this top-notch reputation, however, Colgate has a vibrant and flourishing social scene. I am at a place where the students balance challenging academics with a fun and full social life. Unlike many of my friends at other schools, I am thoroughly happy with all aspects of my university and love to share with my friends my experiences.


We have good sports teams, a beautiful campus and our graduates have an average post-grad starting income higher than almost any other school.


I don't really brag about anything.


I brag the most about my friends/boyfriend/teammates. The people are amazing. I also like to brag about how much fun I have by telling crazy stories because this school [Colgate] is just a lot of fun. Too much fun... my grades have been dropping because of it.


I am most impressed by Colgate's study abroad programs. I went on two of them! I spent a semester in Wollongong, Australia with Colgate's Environmental Studies department where I lived with Australian students, took classes at an Australian university and traveled with our study group. I also spent a semester in London, England with Colgate's English department. We went to museums, saw plays, learned about British history and traveled as a group. Because these programs were run by Colgate, I had no trouble tranfering the courses to get credit for my major.


The acedemic credibility and football championships that my team won.


The beautiful campus, small class sizes, interesting and helpful professors.

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