Colgate University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I knew more about the social scene. It's not the kind of school with a culture that emphasizes relationships, but is more oriented towards casual relationships. Alcohol is also very prevalent which is something that I didn't realize before going.


That the social activities mostly revolved around the greek system.


I wish I'd understood the CORE requirements before picking first semester classes. it would have made planning ahead much easier.


I wish I had know how much the social life evolved around drinking. I wish I had known that the economy was going to crash during my sophmore year, then I would have probably selected a less expensive school. Overall, I am very happy and feel that I figured things out and came out on top.


Before coming to this school, I wish that I had known how truly valuable the professor-student relations are. The professors are highly accessible, without having to go through TAs or other assistants first. Even more valuable are the connections the professors provide for their students. They are truly willing to connect you to other people for further job or educational opportunities. It should be readily encouraged for students to get to know their professors and ensure those connections.


most people stay on campus everyweekend, you do not have to participate in sports to be excepted here even though it is a Division 1 school and very physically fit. I originally had thought it would be too small of a town for me and had applied to larger city schools but Colgate has turned out to be the perfect size school for me. Just a little hard to get too.


If you need to be in a city... do NOT go to this school. OR if you are an athlete and want the most serious program.. don't go to Colgate. The athletics are a lot of fun and you have more freedom/time than most D1 athletes but you won't be in the big leagues. don't expect to win a national championship.


How important it was to balance work / social life - spent far too much time partying freshman and sophmore year and beat up my GPA. How quickly college is over - I took advantage of a lot of great oppurtunities but I really should have valued every breath.


I wish I had a better idea of a career path from the beginning.


The crappy study abroad program and annoying major requirements.


That doing crew was a bad idea because it would limit my options in getting involved on campus.


How strong the alumni network is and how close of a community there is.


that it would be so conservative. I thought it would have more liberal people.

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