College of Southern Maryland Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


The College of Southern Maryland is best known for its assistance in helping students find a four year college or university that is right for them as well as helping the students figure out how to afford it.


My school is best known for it's convienience and it's advisors. The college of southern maryland is located throughout Southern Maryland's tri-county area. The college of Southern Maryland has 4 different locations: Laplata, PrinceFrederick, Waldorf, and Leonardtown. The advisors are also very helpful because they will sit down with you one on one and make sure he/she on the right path and that the student understands what is going on. The advisors also have follow up appointments that they have after the students reach a certain amount of credits.


The college that I am currently attending, The College of Southern Maryland, is best known for it's excellent staff and convenience for working students. Most of the students attending this community college are working parents who wish to continue their education, and recent high school graduates who chose to aquire an associates degree before going to a four-year college.


My school widely known fo binging the comfort of home to the classrooms. My school knows that for some people going to the community college could be because you are not ready to leave far from home, or you are not finically able to go far, or maybe you're someone who has to stay close because you have a family but still want to get a degree. Either way my school makes you feel as if no matter the reason you belong and are not just another number in there system.