College of William and Mary Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


No other Virginia university can match the history and prestige of William & Mary. Of course, it does not have the name recognition outside of the Mid-Atlantic region as Ivy League schools, however, it is not considered a "Southern Ivy" and "Public Ivy" for nothing. The second oldest university in the United States, alumni have continued to shape every walk of life, from politics to professional sports. There is nothing like walking through the Christopher Wren Building, imagining myself to be Thomas Jefferson as a freshman in 1760. No one can match William & Mary's value as a public institution.


Our school offers an amazing mix of top-notch academics, quality athletics, and caring people--professors, students, staff. If you honestly try, you WILL be successful.


How beautiful Colonial Williamsburg is and that Thomas Jefferson went here and that we're the second oldest university in the country chartered in 1693 with the oldest building still used for classes, the Wren building, first completed in 1697.


The history and traditions that accompany the campus, and how strong they are in each new student that arrives on campus.


I brag about the community we have here pretty much non-stop. This school is the perfect size, where you can always see people you know, all over campus, but you also are always meeting new people too! As well, our school is very academically strong, but without the cut-throat nature of the Ivies, making it the perfect academic environment. Professors are engaging and helpful, and students are always looking out for one another, no matter if you know the person or not! I honestly could not imagine myself anywhere else!


Friendly campus, great school


It's name- my school has a good ranking


The school's reputation for academic toughness and history as the second oldest university in America


Small classes, beautiful campus, interesting classes, good friends


It's an excellent all-around school; you can't find a bad program here.


Nobody here skips classes. People are serious about their studies. Don't come here if you are a slacker.


Besides the beautiful weather, I definitely brag most about the class sizes. Many of my high school friends who went off to college have complained to me about how over-sized their classes and seminars have been. Coming from a small private school, it was really important to me that I would continue to receive the same amount of attention and support from teachers and faculty that I was used to. William and Mary exceeded my expectations. Professors are so willing to help students and I couldn't have asked for more.