College of William and Mary Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Well-rounded people who like a big party scene


One of the things that most interested me about W&M when I was in high school was the opportunity to be around people who were like me: smart, but quirky. I looked forward to the chance to get away from an atmosphere where wardrobe mattered, intelligent conversation avoided, and snobbishness abounded. If you aren't looking for a community of trust, if seeing kids dressed up as Santa around exams bothers you, or if you are really into yourself and not giving back, W&M is not the place for you.


People who attend William and Mary should be prepared to work hard. I, like many of my peers, expected to thrive based on my intelligence alone. And why not? It worked in high school. I could not have been more wrong. The academic challenges at William and Mary should not be understated. The curriculum is designed to push your limits by overwhelming you and seeing how you respond. In my experience, I found the best way to attack the challenge was devoting numerous hours in the library on a daily basis. Incoming students need to be prepared for this.


WIlliam and Mary is a very small college, thus people looking for a "party school" or a "large college feel" are in the wrong place. Also, if you hate Christmas shops, people in costumes, and chain restaurants, William and Mary is a bad choice. Lastly, if you are attractive, don't come here. People have coined the term "William and Mary goggles", meaning when you are at school your standards and perception of the opposite sex drops dramatically.


a very conservative person


People with no drive whatsoever. If you like reading, watching the news, having intellectual conversations, but still having fun, then William and Mary is the place for you. There isn't much of a social scene, depending on if you are in a fraternity/sorority or club team, but you can make it work. Also, if you are a city person and will never be a country person, don't go here. There is a very strange small town feel because of Colonial Williamsburg being two seconds away.


There is no type of person that should not attend this school. If you are very open-minded and eager to immerse yourself in other cultures, William and Mary is for you. If you are close-minded, have never had a friend of another race or religion or economic background, William and Mary is also for you; surrounding yourself in an environment with which you are unfamiliar is the best way to challenge your own ideals. W&M is for nerds, jocks, theatre and acapella geeks, math majors, business majors: anyone and everyone.


People who are not hard-workers and those who enjoy partying all the time and troublemakers.


Anybody looking for engineering, architecture, or adventure. or the real college experience. This is like, Disney-College


If you aren't used to working hard for your grades, you may want to reconsider. Also if you like having a multitude of options to occupy you in your free time, Williamsburg isn't exactly a big city. Most places close by 10:00 at night and other nightlife options are few and far between.


People who like to party hard or who are used to a big, expensive night-life scene like New York.


Someone not interested in an academically focused college. This college is small and the town is smaller. The people are good, but it's not diverse or huge.


Someone who is interested in it only for the name-William and Mary has a good reputation but you shouldn't go here for that purpose alone. You should come here without expecting to be automatically good at everything like you're accustomed too and you should be looking to expand on who you are and to discover yourself. You need an open mind to go here because you will find so many things you wouldn't really find anywhere else.


someone who is VERY grade-oriented and thrives in a heavy courseload environment. Someone who loves living in a small town with nothing to do on weekends except go to the local college restaurant. Someone who can easily adapt to living in horrible dorm rooms for at least one year. Someone who is interested in a major in a field of history, business, or law.


A person with a lack of motivation


If you are not into working hard to maintain a decent GPA, this school is definitely not for you. If you like cities, it's not for you. If you want an academic challenge or strong greek life, William & Mary is your school.


Someone who hates school/doesn't like learning, someone not willing to work hard, a huge party animal, an intolerant person (concerning other religions, sexual orientations, race/ethnicities, etc)


Peoplewho are lazy or want a party school.


People who are not willing to work hard and are unmotivated shouldn't attend this school.


Lazy people who don't want to work or have no focus should not attend.


someone who is close-minded, lazy, emotionally-needy, or snobby.