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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back as a senior in High School and change things; I would change everything. I never knew the potential I had in High School, I never knew the value of my education and how smart I really am. With my degree it will not only allow me to make a living supporting my children it will show my daughters they can be anything they want to be, That hard works pays off and that all women can be a mother and a career women.. We don’t have to fit in a mold; I will break that mold for them. I would have applied a Junior College and started there and hopefully after that attended a university for my final years and then started my family.


Refresher on some skills which I had not used in a long time. Networking opportunities with classmates and teachers.


Create a steady schedule, that includes study time. Make sure to get your work for that day finished before you decide to go out and party with your friends. Partying and recreational fun is a part of college but getting your work done is the #1 priority. Figure out your schedule and work your classes around it and don't be afraid to use the library as a haven to get away from distractions. More times than not trying to study in your room will fail because roommates or friends will stop by and try to get you to do something other than work. Do no party harder than you study, study hard party hard, it's college, you're only supposed to have four years of it, so make them the best four years, but get all you can out of those four years. Education is the key to success. Do no be afraid to get involved in the campus community, it looks good on job applications and you get to meet a whole array of new people. People equal connections, and today's world connections are key. Focus on your goals and let nothing stop you.


If I could go back in time when I was senior in high school, I would tell myself to go into the medical field. I would tell myself to go to a school where I could get medical training, just not as a nurse. I would say go as far as you can in the medical field because there will always be sick people and you have a chance to help people when they need comfort. Going to school at age 53 is not an easy task so you should do it as close to high school graduation as you can. Continue to learn and grow in the medical field because it give you the greatest pleasure.


College is a fun experiece and is apart of growing up however, it is also very important that you take it seriously and do not use it as a time to just mess around, party, and do the so called"College Thing." This makes your future! It has a direct impact on the person you will become so it essential that you take it seriously and try your hardest to do your utmost! College will help you to rise up as an adult and learn reponsibility. So take full advantage of this oppertunity set before you.


I would try to enjoy high school , think about taking a year or two off, then going to college instead of putting it off for a career. However, I think I am carrying a 4.0GPA now because I am older and more focused.