Colorado State University-Fort Collins Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Open-minded, kind, tolerant, and inclusive-minded people should definitely apply to CSU because the student body really reflects this. People who are interested in a variety of sciences, world-issues, medical research, and Veterinary sciences will be very happy here, and the music department is pretty awesome also.


This school is perfect for someone who loves the outdoors and is pretty laid-back, but is still interested in success; it definitely isn't a party school.


The kind of person that should attend CSU is someone who is dedicated to their schoolwork and willing to work to receive a great education. They should be passionate about what they choose to study, but they should also be open to trying new things and getting involved with various activities and clubs on campus. They should be a positive person with a strong sense of school spirit, especially when it comes to supporting the sports teams. CSU is extremely community-oriented, so someone looking to go here should also be willing to be a part of a group.


I feel that CSU is a very diversified school. If you want a large university experience this is a great school for it. I enjoy all the activities that it has to offer. Like any school there is alot of people who would prefer to just spend their college years partying. I have found that if this is not for you there are so many other things to occupy your time with. CSU is known for the Construction Management program which is what I am currently in and so far I am really enjoying it and learning a lot.


Any person who is looking for a sense of community would be a perfect fit at Colorado State University. The school provides an abundance of clubs and there is always aid available to help one discover what programs/clubs are best according to his/her interests. If one is interested in volunteering, CSU is a wonderful school to attend. Volunteer opportunities are provided throughout the year, and many people donate their time to give back to the community. Any person who is full of adventure, loves the outdoors, and appreciates the beauty of mankind would fall in love with CSU.


Anyone that loves a strong close-knit community should attend this school. Everyone is kind and someone of the best people ever attend school here. If you love getting to know people, the mountains, and a beautiful environment you should attend. If you want tons of opportunities to try new things, you will get that at this school.


This is the kind of school that a person should choose to attend based on the environment as well as the educational opportunities offered. The students there are extremely friendly and welcoming, and the professors are, for the most part, very helpful and intelligent. The campus is gorgeous, as is the Colorado weather. If you are a person that dislikes the cold and snow, this is not the school for you. The school also offers a wide variety of majors, but one of its strongest programs is biology, so a person considering a major in this field should attend CSU.


CSU-Global Campus is open for all students! So far, I have seen that this school is perfect for students that are busy, not near a college, and who are motivated to complete thier degree. Any student who can focus in an online invironment should look into CSU-Global Campus as a way to further thier education!


Only people who can handle a big school should attend Colorado State. In order to find your place, you have to be willing to experiment with clubs or organizations. Otherwise you will just be a face in the crowd. You need to be willing to go the extra mile in the classroom. Since there are so many students in your freshman courses, you need to be the type of person willing to stay after class, go to office hours or email your teachers if you have any questions or need anything.


People who do well at this school are usually people who enjoy doing things outdoors, social people, and people who are focused on grades. The school has 23,000 students so people who are social usually feel more at home in this university. Also people who like participating in sports and outdoor events also tend to do better in this school. People enjoy to go camping, hiking, and fishing often. People who are focused on school do well here, but people who are not can easily get distracted from all the other activities going on.


Self-motivated, dilligent students who enjoy an active/outdoor lifestyle would benefit greatly from this university.


Someone that is motivated, career oriented, not afraid to make friends or ask question. The person attending this school should create a balance between academics and social life.


I think CSU is a great school for any type of person. I had an amazing experience here. I made a lot of lifelong friends here and loved the city of Fort Collins. I think the city offers a wide variety of activities, meaning you are bound to find something that suits your interest. You get a wide variety of people on campus as well. I think the school is accepting of everyone no matter your race, political affiliation, or sexual orientation.


Colorado State University is a laid back sort of environment if you get worked up and stressed this is now the place for you. The college offers great science programs although they are very difficult . Also the college of business is very well respected. If you would like to become a vet this is the place for you! The advisors cover all of the bases of a vet school application and make the process so much easier.


Anyone can and should attend Colorado State University. It is active in the Fort Collins community and encourages students to work with the community and with the surrounding areas. There is a lot of activities and oppurtunities to take advantage of on the weekends or between classes, including lots of activities in Horsetooth resiviour and many biking and hiking trails. Even if someone isnt interested in outdoors, there are many other things to do.


The person that should attend this school should be outgoing, able to manage time wisely, and be able to communicate properly with proffessors and other students.


Colorado State University is a very diverse school that offers opportunities for many types of people. A person that attends this school should probably enjoy the outdoors, seeing as the students and the community of Fort Collins are very active and outdoors oriented as a whole. The person should also be comfortable in a large school since CSU has roughly 27,000 students. The person should also enjoy getting involved because CSU has an enormous amount of Student Organizations that offer involvment opportunities for every interest.


Our school is so diverse that any hardworking and driven individual should attend!


Because it is an affordable state college the class sizes are large. Therefore, the student needs to be a motivated student. Many classes don't take attendance simply because it would use up most of the class time. Therefore, the individual needs to be driven to attending to actually get the most out of their education.


One should attend this school if they are looking for an active college community equipped with some of the best resources. Although it is a larger campus, it makes you feel right at home with all the inclusive activities offered. It also has some of the best facilities available for every major. Someone wanting to get involved in college, get a great education and have fun while doing it should attend this Colorado State University.


Open minded, willing and seeking to learn. Must be focused, so you stay on track.


I don't think there is any "one type" of person who should attend, although you should be open-minded. Every different person you can think of comes to this school. Racially diverse, ethnically diverse. Opinions and thoughts are as different as they come, but you will never feel out of place expressing an opinion, whether it be unpopular or the norm. When you come to my school you will see a rainbow of people from all facets of life and culture and experience.


This school is very science and math oriented, so someone who has an interest in any specific field within the science and math fields would fit in great here. There are also many great extracurricular activities that you can get involved with around campus. Many people at and around Colorado State University are very active outdoors. The campus is located pretty close to the Rocky Mountains, so there will be plenty of chances to go snowboarding or skiing. With so many trails around the campus, biking or hiking are also great ways to get outside.


A person looking for a fun time while getting his/her degree and a person prepared to work and study. Also a person who is good at interacting with other people and can have a good time.


The type of preson who should attend Colorado State University is someone who loves the outdoors. This university isn't the best for academics,but it does hae a large focus on the enviornment, and it is one of the most beatiful campuses. I would suggest only going here if you are planing on being in the college of natural sciences because that is what this school is about. If you truly like the outdoors, beautiful scenery and being inside of a suburb then this is the place for you.


An outgoing person, who can balance time, money, friends, and school work all in one. someone who can ge all there studies done, and still have time to spend with friends. Students at CSU seem to be involved in some kind of sport, club, or activity, so you must be a person who enjoys the company of other people.


Colorado State University is an institution with a special emphasis in the natural sciences. Students should attend who are devoted to the study of the natural world and who have intentions of making a difference in the world in their field of study. As a University who has invested countless time and effort in making itself a "Green University", students should also be willing to fight in an effort for conservation and for protecting the fragile environment.


I believe that any person interested in a relatively affordable, but high quality University, and is interested in the interesting things in life could attend-should implies compulsion.


Someone looking for a new experience. Someone who wants to have fun and enjoy there college life. And someone who really wants a quality education in a friendly community where you can be who you want to be.


Some one who is attending Colorado State University should be ready and willing to learn. They should not only have an open mind towards education but towards people as well. Someone should be willling to listen to others even if they disagree with their opinion. Colorado State University is a very environmental conscious school. People need to be respectful of the environment and atmoshpere around them. Above all they should be open towards new views and ideas and social networks.


The kind of person who should attend Colorado State University is a person who is ready to jump into a whole new world and learn valuable information in fun, energetic classes. They should love a large, welcoming community and a town full of life and enjoyment. They should also be a person who is willing to challenge themselves and put themselves out into the open to experience new opportunities and challenges. Most importantly, they should be a person who is ready to learn to their full potential and earn a degree in a field that they love.


The kind of person that should attend this school should be outgoing and love the outdoors. Also their are a wide viarety of people at this school so accepting diversity is a plus. If you want a great college town then Fort Collins is the place for you as there are many opportunies in this city and there is always something going on. The are over 300 clubs and organizations and also plenty of intrmurals. You can make your experience at CSU anything you want it to be and that is why I am here.


Down to earth - outdoorsy - health conscious - fun loving


People who should attend this school should be hard working, determined, openminded and willing to get involved and have fun. There are many different people on this campus and everyone is welcome but it is easier when students are willing to do their best and make the most out of the college experience, both academically and extracurricularly.


Anyone who is looking to complete a degree to find a career doing something that they love. CSU offers a great environment to learn and enhance interests in a persons chosen field.


Colorado State University is a school of diversity. Any student would be welcomed and comfortable attending this school. I am a non-traditional student over the age of 40 and find this school to fit perfectly with my lifestyle and academic needs. Students looking for a school where they can be actively involved on and off campus will enjoy attending Colorado State University. There are plenty of student clubs and groups to join and lots of school related functions to attend as well.


Someone who is active and likes to get involved. Anyone who enjoys outdoor activties like hiking, camping, biking, skiing. There are many natural areas very close by where swimming, boating and bouldering are very popular. There is always something to do and new people to meet if you just go out and do it.


A person into getting involved and someone concerned about the community and the world. It seems most people here do a lot of science, but that just makes everyone else seem that much more interesting. Anyone considering CSU should not be upset by sudden and violent weather changes, nor care if 2 ft of snow doesn't cancel school. Out-of-State people are welcome, as are those of any race or height. Prospective attendees should be unafraid to be themselves.


Anyone can attend this school. There are several programs that demand those who have a competitive edge and passion for their studies.


Ther sort of person that should come to CSU is the kind that wants to walk through the plaza every day and think "God I hate that guy's point of view butI love this weather"


Colordo State University is honestly a school that any type of person can attend. As long as they are motivated to succeed it doesn't matter what they look like, talk like or what they are interested in, they will feel at home and welcomed at CSU.


You should attend Colorado State University if you are a go-getter type of person. It's a big school, and you have to really look out for yourself by asking questions, following up, and following your ambitions. Yet this is also a great school for the outdoors, beautiful scenery, and college-town feel. The mountains are a few miles away, and Old Town always has some event to join in on. You can also meet tons of new people at this school and you have several resources available at your fingertips.


A student with great ambition in the area of natural sciences should attend Colorado State University. The College of Natural Sciences is challenging and rewarding. CSU is also the second best veterinary school in the country, which makes it a great pick for someone who aspires to be a vet. CSU is accepting of all kinds of individuals, and I think any person could attend this school and feel at home. It'd be even better for Colorado residents who are used to the weather and Coloradoan way of life.


The students that should attend this school should be open to knew and different forms of opinion. The students that should attend this school should be accepting of different races, ethnic backgrounds and religions. Students that should attend this school need to have leadership skills, therefor when new freshmen attend CSU, they will be welcomed and feel like this is their home and a place where they can succeed based on those around them.


Anyone who values a better education should attend. From my experience they have a good engineering program.


Some who is focused and is willing to try a variety of courses to decide what they want to ultimately major in. You shouldn't come here expecting to get an easy A in your classes. Some of the entry level courses may be like that, but you'll be sorely disappointed once you get to higher levels.


Colorado State is a great place for people looking to find a community to be a part of. There are man students who volunteer their time to help whatever interests them, whether it be the environment to helping others.


Someone who loves the outdoors and the indoors. Be able to cope with hard classes and cold weather. Environmentally friendly - ride your bike or walk to campus. Open minded person.


A person should attending this school if they are one of those students who are willing to put a lot of effort in their studies and are looking forward to a school with great professors and staff who want the student to end up successful.


A laid back, friendly person who enjoys outdoor activities and doesn't mind a fair share of partying.